Beauty In Imperfection

One of these days, Little Miss 6 wanted to take a ‘Show-n-Tell’ to school made by her. She was busy explaining what she exactly wanted to do with the Solar System on a sheet of paper. Her imagination was very close to what things actually are taught in school. I was glad that she had learnt the chronological order of the planets. You know how parents feel proud that the children are falling into the molds so created for them to emerge into an ‘accepted’ being in the world. To tell you the truth, I feel, sometimes we adults behave like idiots! How? Here’s how…

So we sat down to make the Solar System. When I asked her to get the drawing book so that we’d get started, she insisted that we draw it on a simple notebook sheet (one lined). I confronted her saying that if she’s going to draw something why not use a drawing sheet. Since the notebook was within her reach she did not bother going all the way to get her drawing book. I excused, since giving in at these times is always easier than having to spoil her mood when she’s trying to do something creative.

Anyhow, she made The Solar System  (with some of my help) and began coloring the planets. She carefully copied the colors from the picture displaying on the computer screen. Once done, she started coloring the sky. Even though the sky on the picture was painted pitch black, she chose blue as for her the color of the sky is blue.

After she was half way through, I noticed that her strokes were going haywire. I advised, ‘Why don’t you use single stroke for the color blue. That way the sky would look pretty and perfect.’ You might wanna say, that’s some good advise. Right? Wrong…


She looked up at me and in her trademark Grandma tone she said, ‘But if God wanted the sky to be perfect, He would’ve made it so.’ I was quiet and I smiled. In her class, she was appreciated for having made that picture on a one lined sheet with colors spread in all directions. I aspired her to show something perfect in her class, she aspired to show something that she thought was perfect.  That got me thinking. 

It is the adults who in their pursuit to make everything look perfect, miss out on seeing the perfection in the tiny little imperfections. She was right to say that, if God wanted things to be perfect He would’ve made them so. Children are such levelers. They make you look at things you have long forgotten to see.

Beauty in the imperfections.


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Disclaimer: The picture used in this post belongs to the author and my not be used in any form without prior permission.


34 thoughts on “Beauty In Imperfection

  1. Love the picture and the thought behind it. Indeed, often our expectations are faulty. Your picture reminded me of the one my son made. He insisted that he wanted it on black chart paper as he wanted to show a night sky. And, both my sons are terrible at drawing though the younger one enjoys coloring.

  2. Wow!!!! What a piece of art…. really very well done miss little 6…. no doubts kids say toughest things with ease… “But if God wanted the sky to be perfect, He would’ve made it so.”…. too good… very well written…. like the name beauty in imprefection…. god bless…. keep writing. ..

  3. This was such a wonderful heartwarming post. Loved the line where you say //They make you look at things you have long forgotten to see// and that probably is the reason that kids are such a bundle of joy, aren’t they 😀

    Loved this post…

  4. Beautiful post n beautiful drawing. There’s a funny quote, ” I was born awesome, but education ruined me”…. and I think at times our system n societies outlook towards perfection ruins a imagination as they grow up. And must say your lil one is Genius! 🙂

    1. That’s true Janaki. I did not tell her to say that but she did, to that effect and that made me think why do we seek so much of perfection and stay disappointed when there’s actually beauty in imperfection as well. 🙂

  5. Totally agree with your words Kajal…No wonder kids are so creative coz they are not bounded by what is acceptable to the world. Am glad you went along with her idea. Well written, as always 🙂

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