Nipped Dreams

Hiding from the world, sitting in a corner. She finds her world melting into flying fairies, dancing elves, smiling princesses. She hopes to ride through the colorful fantasies, the magical alleys, the flying carpets,enchanted forests.


Her dreams are priceless, they are deemed cheap. She is duty-bound for mainstream edification and forget about her dreams.

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55 on Friday #WriteTribe

50 thoughts on “Nipped Dreams

    1. That’s true Pree….people (parents) somtimes just don’t understand the importance of books in a person’s life. They usually focus on the academics more that learning.

      BTW, I’m liking the WP

  1. Reality is so harsh and dreams so beautiful but maybe dreams are reality and the world we perceive as harsh and real is in reality fantasy. I guess it depends on which side of the fence we’re on – here in this world or there!

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