Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 13

Continued from The Altercation


‘Please don’t say that, Anuj. I really hold you in high regard.  You happened to me at a time when I needed someone so badly in my life. I had lost all faith in love and companionship when you held me up. I can never forget how you saved me from losing my mind completely.’ Priya’s emotions were at a complete high by now. She so wanted to prove to Anuj that it was indeed a mistake but she had to do it.


‘I am sure you have your reasons for doing what you did. But that does not excuse you from the fact that I am deeply disappointed and hurt.’ Anuj was despondent by now and wished for solitude. He got up from his seat and walked away. ‘By the way, just to clear it to you…we’re not engaged.’


A New Beginning


Priya sat despairingly in her office looking out of the window, thinking about the events of the previous day and her altercation with Anuj when the office boy walked in. ‘Sir is calling you, ma’m.’


Priya nodded her head and the office boy left the cabin. She rose from her seat and walked towards Anuj’s office. In her mind there was a fear as to how she would face him now, after all that had happened during their journey. Most of the journey, he had been silent but now he had called her, possibly to have a word about yesterday. Hesitantly, she entered his office cabin.


‘Yes, Anuj?’ she sounded as professional as she could.


‘Hi…. I was hoping that we could get started with the project immediately. Mr. Parish called to check if we were available this Friday so that we can finalize the deadlines for his next project. Would you be able to check the necessary documentation? Also, once all submissions are made please hand it over to Mr. Sanjay Ahuja.’ Anuj announced.


‘Why Mr. Ahuja? I have worked on this project through and through and now that we are at the point of taking off, you want me to hand it over to someone else? You can’t do this, Anuj.’ Priya was defensive like never before. She could feel her whole world crumbling around her.


‘This is for the best, Priya. We can’t be having you work on this anymore.’ Anuj sounded adamant.


‘You can’t be serious, Anuj. This is absolutely unfair!’ She was practically yelling. ‘You can’t be dragging our personal differences in my professional life, like this. Not fair…. at all.’


‘Let’s not discuss this any further Priya. This must be done.’ Anuj was so clear this is what he wanted that he would not hear any of her.


Priya was fuming with rage but was finding herself inept to take a decision up front. She rushed out of Anuj’s office cabin exasperated.



In her own office she irritably pulled out her drawers to take out the necessary files and started flipping the pages furiously. Her mind was still reeling with what Anuj had told her. After all the hard work she had put into this project, she had to let it all go? She could not believe Anuj would do something like this. With each breath she believed it was a nightmare yet she knew that someone as headstrong as Anuj would never change his mind.


She pulled a chair and settled down for a bit. She had to contain the rush she was feeling in every fiber of her body. Her body was trembling with rage. She closed her eyes. ‘This cannot be happening. He can’t do this. After all that I gave this company for the last so many years, he can’t throw me out like this. I have to give it a fight. I can’t lose now….I can’t lose myself now.’ Priya’s mind was reeling with all sorts of possibilities.


She paced inside her cabin, picked up the files, scrolled through the multiple sheets of paper, gulped multiple cups of coffee, looked out of the window and sat gazing at the wall facing her table. This continued for hours before her mind settled eventually, deep into the night.


It’s after the mad rush, after the mess, after the storm has hit and smashed everything that one is left all by themselves…to pick up the pieces, to muster the mesh, to gather the fragments and make oneself whole again.


She brushed each thought aside and left for home. Her decision was made.




‘Anuj?’ Priya knocked at Anuj’s office cabin door.


‘Yes….’ Anuj looked up from his laptop. ‘Come in Priya. I was about to call you over.’


‘Before you say something, I wanted to tell you something too.’ Priya interrupted and placed an envelope on the table before him. ‘I quit.’


Anuj looked up at her. Smiled. He took the envelope in his hand took out her resignation letter and glanced at the contents. Smiled and tore it to pieces. ‘You’re not going anywhere.’


‘Listen, I have made up my mind and I am not staying. You can’t rip me off my achievements like this because of your.’ Priya had almost contained her anguish over the fall-out the previous day and now it seemed to be coming back to her. She wanted to be as calm as Anuj was at that moment.  ‘How can he behave like all this does not affect him? I thought he loved me.’


Anuj placed a file on his desk and moved it towards Priya. ‘This is for you.’




‘I have given it a lot of thought, Priya. I moved to this Delhi office because, sincerely, I wanted to be around you, work with you, be a part of your life. Now, I think its time that you move on. I hand over the reins of this organization to you, now.’ Anuj stated to her what he had been contemplating since the last two days.


‘What do you mean?’ Priya was confused by the way Anuj sounded.



‘From next month onwards, we propose to assign you the responsibility of the MD of the organization. This has been long due. For the last so many years you have worked with so many projects and managed them so well. The company has succeeded by leaps and bounds with you shouldering the responsibilities so comfortably. I think you will do great as the leader of the company now.’ Priya could hardly believe what had just happened.


Anuj continued while Priya stood there amazed, ‘this Monday we have called for a board meeting and we will make the announcements accordingly. In the mean time assign your responsibilities to Mr. Sanjay Ahuja.’


‘Why now?’ That was all that Priya could come up with.


‘Because, you deserve it now, more than ever. You are able and strong and I know that when you are pushed back you retaliate even stronger. So now, seems like a good time for you to take a leap into your future.’ He stood up and came closer to Priya.


‘What about you?’ Priya looked deep into his eyes to understand what made him take this decision.


Anuj smiled, ‘I need a break.’ 

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The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge since October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.

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24 thoughts on “Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 13

  1. Unexpected turn of events it was. I was so hoping for an end full of love. This leaves me thinking, if she ever gets back with Anuj or not. Hats off to you for weaving such a beautiful story. I loved the way you described Priya’s emotions at various stages. Kudos to you for this effort. 🙂

  2. Beautiful story Kajal and though I would have loved a lovey-dovey ending, I guess it would have made the story predictable thus killing all the effort you have been putting into it. In addition, a past belongs in the past not in the future. I am glad the story took an interesting turn on the career front rather than relationship front. Kudos for weaving such a beautiful story.

    1. Thanks Swati. I really appreciate how you have been following the story.

      Yes, I agree if I would’ve made the ending predictable then the whole effort would’ve gone into a love story. This one is beyond that, so I had to give it an end which was not expected.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Hey read all the chapters at one go. Loved it..beautiful flow and turns to the story. I liked the ending, liked that Anuj had a backbone 😀 but do hope they end up together for the right reason. 😀

    1. Thanks Shilpa…I am so thankful to you that you stayed with me on this journey…how much I love you (even more) for that!

      Yes, the end is a bit off beat but that’s how it could’ve been too…if Priya would’ve apologized and Anuj would’ve accepted it then it does not really mean that she loves him as much as to marry him. And if Anuj would’ve asked for apology and proposed again …well that would’ve made him just plain needy….so that’s what I had to come up with 🙂

  4. Ah! that was a big leap, a gift of faith and love. How wonderfully he did that? I am upset that their relationship didnt come to conclusion but now I think when they see matters in different light, it will.

  5. Oh no! You did not leave us hanging, did you?

    I purposely waited for the series to get over to read it at one go because of the mad rush this month. 🙂

    Keep writing Kajal. You did a fantastic job with this one. 🙂

  6. Finished??? Already?? But what about their love??? No… you can’t do this..

    But I loved your story… esp the way you narrated… Sorry I couldn’t follow the story everyday.. But you did Awesome!
    Keep writing more stories ❤ Hugs 🙂

    1. Thanks Sheetal…am sure you liked it…though the ending is not a conventional one, but then that’s me…i don’t do conventional, actually.

      I am just glad that priya can still move on and who knows maybe Anuj and Priya do get together 🙂

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