Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 11

Continues from The Vindication


‘I must’ve waited so long for you that my feelings went numb. I could barely decide if I was living for a cause or a cause for living. I had no answers; I did not have your whereabouts. I ceased to imagine myself trusting anyone again. I was lost, Vikram. And that’s a scary place to be.’ That was the first time Priya had cried ever since he had left. The tears kept pouring as if the floodgates had been opened.


‘What will I do now?’ Priya asked. Obviously, Vikram had no answer for her.




‘I need to leave for home now.’ Priya wanted to get out of this uncomfortable situation as quick as possible.


Vikram moved the car towards her home. The conflicting thoughts were playing massive havoc in his mind. He needed to hold on to this moment. ‘ I think you’re being unfair, Priya.’


‘Unfair? How?’ Priya snapped.


‘I deserve an apology. I was not in a situation to have fixed things for you, Priya. I was not sure, where you were in your life. For a moment I thought whatever little was between us meant nothing to you. In my mind, I had completely lost you. Until today.’ Surely Vikram had bared his heart out to her but Priya was not convinced.


‘This means nothing.’ Priya stated heartlessly.


‘Sure does! Meeting up with you like this, unexpectedly, was a miracle. I was not expecting to bump into you today, but it happened. It sure means something. It means that we were supposed to be together. It means that the distance between us all these years, was just a dream.’ Vikram seemed to be losing his stance.


‘A nightmare…. it was a nightmare for me, Vikram. I was left clueless, unsure of whether you are going to be back, ever…for me. You can’t be calling that a dream. I was extremely bitter and hurt.’ Priya was admant.


‘We can’t be talking about the past for all our lives, Priya. Its time to move on.’ Vikram’s attempt to bridge the gap was proving fruitless. ‘Let us not fight over this. What is it that you want from me now.’


‘I need closure.’ Priya’s clarity in her resolve startled Vikram. More than that, it startled her too. This was exactly what she had wanted all these years. This was the only reason for her gloom.


‘I am ready to make up for the lost time.’ Vikram’s voice was firm.


‘You can’t…its lost time’ Priya’s wisdom over the years was shining through. ‘I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow, anyway. I really am short of time here.’


‘Tomorrow? Necessary?’ Vikram was hoping against hope that she would stay…for him.


‘Yes! There are things to be taken care of.’ As they reached the gate of her house, Priya was sure this was the end of this conversation too. Both of them stepped out of the car. ‘I hope you will find your way back from here.’  She simply stated.


Vikram nodded sadly.




‘I knew I could catch you here today.’ Vikram’s paced walk towards Priya looked like there was a renewed energy in those steps. Priya was waiting for the only train that took her to Delhi for the day from their town. She was standing on the platform looking at the tracks in anticipation when Vikram walked towards her.


Her smile at him was different from what she would have loved to give him. She was relieved to know that she still meant something to him. Was it too late? Of course!



‘Why are you following me?’ she joked.


‘I must, else you’ll leave.’ He seemed to be serious about this.


‘But I am …actually.’ she caught on to the tone.


‘Marry Me!’ The words were quick and firm. He waited for her to respond. There was a dead silence between the two of them.


‘I can’t’ she softly said those words…not lamenting but sad enough. ‘I’m engaged.’


Vikram shared his surprised look with Anuj who stood right behind the both of them- Vikram, because he did not see that coming and Anuj, because this was news to him.

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The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge since October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.

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