Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 9

Continued from Sleepless Night


Hina’s voice kept echoing in her mind all night and she barely got any sleep. Each time she would hear the name ‘Vikram’ in her mind, she felt uncomfortable. ‘It was love’ she thought, ‘whatever happened?’


At the break of dawn, Priya looked out of the window at the rising sun.  Another day…a new dawn.


The Rendezvous





‘Would you please make sure that the accounts are done before ‘Maxwell and associates’ arrive for the meeting this afternoon. We don’t want them to rewrite their conditions.’


‘Sure! I already spoke with the account department, they’re bringing in the agreement in an hour after checking themselves.’


‘You know what’s the best thing about you?’ Anuj paused for a brief moment before he said, ‘ You just know!’


Priya smiled at him, the sparkle in her eye restored. She could hardly believe it had been two years since she had let Anuj be in her life. The thought itself brought in a sense of relief.


How many times in our life have we wandered like lazy vagabonds, too lethargic to look for a home. And then one fine day when we do, we are so overwhelmed by the beauty and the belongingness of it that wherever in the world we are, our feet involuntarily find their way back home. Priya related this feeling to how she had started feeling for Anuj, now. Belongingness!


Before she left the cabin, she reminded him, ‘…and by the way, after the account is signed up, I am supposed to leave for home to see my mother. I hope you remember that.’


‘Of course, I do.’ Anuj said. ‘Would it be weird if I accompany you too?’


Priya understood at what he was hinting at, when he smartly added, ‘after all its my hometown too.’


All Priya could do was smile at him and nod her head in affirmative. She walked out of the cabin happy. The bounce in her feet was now back where it belonged. She felt alive. ‘Does this mean, he’s going to propose soon?’ The thought made her smile shyly.





‘Your mom is really cruel.’ Anuj sounded serious.


‘Why? I think she treated you really well’ Priya snapped at her.


‘Of course she did! She fed me like I had not eaten for months’ Anuj replied.


‘Ha Ha Ha, that means that she really likes you’ Priya was clearly enjoying the way her mother accepted Anuj and bonded with him too. Even her mother’s pet Sparky seemed to like him and that was something unusual.


‘…And what about you?’ Anuj asked forthrightly. ‘I like you too’ Priya was as honest as that.






‘Do you like me as much as to tolerate me for the whole of your life?’


Anuj’s statement suddenly made Priya take note. She looked up at him curiously. 

‘I know, this does not seem to be a fairy tale proposal. You know I am not cut out like that. I simply want to know if you would like to spend the rest of your life with me.’ Anuj was as warm as he could while speaking those words.


Priya could hardly believe he finally popped the question. Though he always seemed inclined, it was taking him time to find the right opportunity. This seemed like the right time and right place to her, considering that this was both of their hometown and they were the most comfortable there. There was no reason for her to refuse or repudiate. Her heart jumped in exhilaration, yet it was difficult for her to express.


Suddenly a whiff of sadness took over. ‘What is it?’ She thought to herself. ‘ Maybe its the breeze, the nostalgia, the past that she had left here. The history she had clung on to for so long it refused to leave her, completely.’ She knew she had to respond, but her words were failing her. Anuj smiled, ‘I understand, Priya. You can take your time. No pressure. Seriously. I know this is all too sudden. I understand I can’t expect you to pledge your life, your dreams, your aspirations to me. I’ll wait.’



‘I’ll wait…I’ll wait’ the words kept ringing in her head through the day. Sitting on the porch of her home, looking at the expanse ahead of her, she could feel something calling out to her. She called out to her mother and told her that she was going to drive out for a while and she took off to the faraway fields.


Sometimes as much as the smell of a certain place can conjure up a whole lot of emotions inside. Priya could feel all the feelings she had left behind, well up inside of her heart. Feelings she had not felt ever since Anuj came in her life. She was content with the way things were working with Anuj and she hoped that she could make their life together. She definitely, needed to make up her mind, now!


‘‘I’ll wait…I’ll wait’ the words never stopped ringing in her head. The words she had been repeating to herself when Vikram left. Familiar words. The decision was made. She can’t let Anuj go through what she had gone through all those years. She got back into her car and drove off to the next café she spotted.  ‘Was it the café she used to visit?’ she thought. ‘Seems to have changed a bit…. or is it me?’  The thought made her feel good about the way she had changed from a foolish love struck girl to a thinking woman.


As soon as she entered the glass door of the café and approached the counter to order a latte she noticed something. Someone…. Vikram. 

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The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge since October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.

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