Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 7

Continued from Unexpected Turn Of Events

Anuj had to get her to her room in the hotel and tuck her in bed before he turned back to look at her. 

‘I doubt she would have ever hurt anyone at all. I wonder what is she aching for? I wonder what is it that stops her from reaching out to everyone- to open her life and heart to people around. I hope she heals, soon.’

He turned back to walk to her bedside, leaned and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

 An Honest Confession

 ‘Anything special that you’d like to do today?’ Anuj asked Priya at the breakfast table the next day.

‘Not really but do you think we have time?’ Priya liked the slight hint of a day off in Anuj’s voice.

‘Of course… the meeting which was scheduled today got postponed for next month when Mr. Parish visits us in India next month. We have the day to ourselves today. So let’s roam around today before we leave for home tomorrow.’ Anuj seemed to have already planned the day in his mind and the words kept hinting at how much he intended to spend time with her through the day.

Girl_taking_picturePriya liked the sound of the whole plan that he had laid out for both of them. It was her maiden trip to Germany and she hoped to gather some great memories before heading home. Also, since she was aching so much, she hoped that drowning her pain in delight would somehow make her feel better. Vikram had already left a void in her life which she had learnt to evade ever since, but now he had hinted that he hoped to see her as well and that made her hurt even more.

Throughout the day, Anuj kept noticing how Priya would find simple pleasures in the small little things she noticed around her. Like a little child she would click away at each random thing she found interesting within the city. The history, the architecture intrigued her completely. The weather through the day was pleasant and towards evening it started to drizzle when they took shelter in a roadside café while on their way back to the hotel.

‘I hope you had a nice day.’ It was evident how much Anuj had enjoyed spending time with Priya.

‘It was wonderful. Germany is so beautiful. I am surely taking some great memories with me in my camera.’ Priya sounded rather excited.

‘I hope this has cheered you up a bit. I noticed how forlorn you looked yesterday.’ Anuj had been meaning to mention this to her.

‘Not at all. I am absolutely fine.’ The lie in her voice was obvious.

‘I understand. I am sure you had a reason.’ Anuj paused for a while before he gathered courage to share what he meant to since last evening. ‘I have known you for the last 4-5 years, now. When you joined the company you were cheerful, eager and boisterous just like any other young girl. I knew even then that there was something that you were fighting against. I understood that holding the reins of the household all by yourself made you competitive and hard working. I saw you gradually step up from a novice to a professional. And then one fine day, just when all your hard work was rewarded and you were given what you possibly had sought all these years, I noticed that your smile had vanished.’

Priya was quietly listening to what Anuj had to say. His analysis of the last 4 years was close to how she would have done for herself. Anuj softly reached out her hand and held it in both of his. ‘The last one year I have seen you move from being a star to a superstar. What you did at the Delhi office in six months was what I had planned for one year. I saw you work like never before. As if you were on a mission to prove yourself. There was only one thing that was missing- You.’

comforting handsPriya could almost feel her emotions welling inside. She was determined, as promised to herself, not to cry. Anuj was quiet for a moment, holding time for her to speak.

Priya took a deep breath and responded as if she had long been waiting to explain the situation to herself, as well. ‘Suffering has been stronger than all other teachings, and has taught me to understand what my heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape.’

‘Of course! You are stronger, you are successful and you are gifted. Love yourself for all of that.’ Anuj seemed determined to bring her out of her gloom.

Priya noticed how Anuj was showing concern towards her situation. More than that she was surprised how he seemed to have been closely watching her life all these years. As if telepathy was playing a high note between them, Anuj could understand her thoughts.

‘Are you concerned how I have been keeping a watch at your life all these years?’ Anuj asked innocently. Priya was startled at how he could understand her thoughts and raised her eyebrows in surprise. The sparkle in her eyes hinted at exactly how Anuj felt.

‘It’s important to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can hear you. I just don’t want this moment to simply pass by, unaccounted.’ Anuj’s statement made Priya consider how this was exactly what she had felt when Vikram left.

…..to be continued.

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The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge since October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.

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