Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 6

Continued from Inner Turmoil

‘When did you come?’ Priya was surprised that he would come and startle her like that.

‘I had to visit sooner than I had planned because I have a very good news for you.’ Anuj’s eyes shone like that of a little child’s.

‘And what is that?’ Priya joined in his excitement.

‘Will tell you soon. Meet me in the evening for coffee.’ Anuj left her guessing.
Unexpected Turn Of Events
‘So what’s the big news?’ There was a rush of excitement in Priya’s voice as she walked towards Anuj in the café and seated herself. She knew Anuj would only involve himself in something that was of utmost importance to either him or the company and would take time out to discuss with her, like this.
‘What’s the rush…settle down for a bit.’ Anuj was a contrast from his usual conceited self. Even though he was snobbish, he would often surprise Priya with the warmth he would display talking to her. Priya attributed this to her hard work, which had suddenly and quickly started shining in the form of success of the project.
After a sip of coffee, Priya again began searching for an answer. Anuj suggested that she brace herself and listen very carefully.
‘We seem to have done amazingly great with this project. It has sky rocketed pretty quickly and based on our performance for this project we are required to attend a seminar next Wednesday. The seminar will open doors for us to other major projects that we will sign up gradually.’ Anuj looked at her for a moment to seek a reaction. Then, he added, ‘ Does this sound exciting to you?’
Priya was unsure how to react since she was not expecting that her work had already presented her with a whole new league of opportunities. Nevertheless, she was not too successful in masking her disbelief, ‘I am super excited about this. This surely calls for a bigger party than a mere coffee, Anuj.’ She smiled at him impishly. ‘So where is this seminar on Wednesday?’
‘Germany.’ Anuj could barely conceal his enthusiasm and they both reveled in their joint success through the evening.

Priya beamed ear to ear.
‘It’s me- Hina’ Nervously Hina screamed on the phone.
‘Hi…what’s the time right now?’ Priya was suddenly woken from her sleep by Hina’s call early in the German morning.
‘3 am for you…I know, but this is important.’ Hina had somehow got the phone number of Priya and Anuj’s hotel from the office at Delhi and called her.
‘How important is this, Hina. I need to get complete sleep today…. the seminar’s this morning.’ Priya explained lazily.
‘It is important, Priya.’ The seriousness in Hina’s voice made Priya take notice.
‘What is it, Hina?’
‘It’s Vikram!’
‘Anything wrong?’ Anuj asked Priya while they were stepping out of their hotel for the seminar.
‘No, its nothing.’
‘Are you sure? You don’t seem to be in your element today. I hope you are prepared fully. Is it nervousness?’ Anuj kept guessing her condition while Priya was busy comprehending her conversation with Hina that morning. 
She had barely got any sleep after Hina’s account of her meeting with Vikram, back home. Hina had informed her that Vikram had come to meet Priya at her office when he met Hina and told her that he had to leave immediately the day that he did, because his regiment had called him pronto to address the cross border firing. He explained how he had to leave in such a jiffy that there was just no time to call Priya and inform. 
Priya asked Hina if he had left a phone number for her to call. To which Hina said that he was supposed to be back to the border the same day and hence would not be contactable, however she did pass on a number given by Vikram. Instantly, Priya tried the number after Hina hung up, but it was unreachable, yet again.
Anuj had clearly understood by the time they reached the venue that Priya was possibly tired, maybe because of being jetlagged or possibly because there was something wrong. It was confirmed that something was definitely not right when after the seminar in the evening, a couple of other associates went out for drinks and Priya got hammered completely.
Anuj had to get her to her room in the hotel and tuck her in bed before he turned back to look at her. 
‘I doubt she would’ve ever hurt anyone at all. I wonder what is she aching for? I wonder what is it that stops her from reaching out to everyone- to open her life and heart to people around. I hope she heals, soon.’

He turned back to walk to her bedside, leaned and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.
…. to be continued.

The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge since October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.

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23 thoughts on “Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 6

    1. I finally caught up with the story. Now moving on to the seventh. It surely looks like a whirlwind affair, you have poised it at a very different stand. lets see how it proceeds. I enjoyed it a lot Kajal 🙂


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