Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 4

Continued from Good News…And Bad

‘Hina, have you got any call from Vikram?’ Priya, by now, was extremely out of her element. ‘Why, what happened?’ Hina asked. 

‘I don’t know, Hina. I was supposed to meet Vikram today at the coffee shop and he hasn’t turned up yet.’ 

‘Don’t worry Priya, he should be on his way. Did you try calling him?’

‘Yes, and his phone is unreachable.’

‘Don’t worry then, he’ll come over soon.’

‘Its been 2 hours, Hina.’
Moving On


Unlike every day, Priya stayed up late in the office that day. On her way out, Hina walked up to her cubicle. Quietly she seated herself beside Priya. She let the silence settle around her before she spoke.
‘Aren’t you going back home?’ she asked.
‘Just a bit more and then I will leave’ Priya responded, rather icily.
‘Why are you doing this?’ Hina sounded concerned.

Priya turned around to face her and softly held her hand in her own. ‘I am not doing anything. I am just doing my work because I love to. This is what I want to do now and this is where I want to be at present. Look, Hina, my work is helping me get over the fact that things are not as I had planned and in turn it is giving me a reason to plan something else for myself. I am sure you would be happy to see that I am moving on.’

‘Of course! I’d be the happiest to see you happy, Priya’ Hina could almost feel a lump inside her throat. This was the time, she knew, that Priya would need her the most. Knowing Priya so well since the last 4 years, she knew that Priya would do her best to push her away considering that since the last few months Priya had been doing just that- aloofing herself from the world. Nevertheless, Hina had resolved to stay available for her friend. She rose from her seat to leave and then turned around, ‘Priya…I’m sorry.’
‘Don’t be.’ Priya smiled at her and waved her goodbye for the day.
It had been over five months now that she had heard anything from Vikram. His phone was switched off ever since. Priya had tried to reach him a lot many times since his sudden disappearance but she gave up once she realized that she had already tried too much, already. Once she had completely stopped dialing his number the feeling had started sinking into her system that he had indeed gone. 
Where could he be right now? Why did he leave? Why did he not call? Will he be coming back as promised? Is he in some trouble? Does he need me now? All these questions would often cross Priya’s mind and everytime they would, she would become restless. Not even a day passed when she did not think about him, but she resolved not to shed a tear. ‘I am sure he has a reason. What could that be?’

Walking down the alley tossing the fallen leaves on the path with her foot, Priya walked past the cold breeze that had engulfed the town announcing the beginning of winters. She pulled her jacket closer to her body and let out a cold sigh. The slight nip in the air seemed colder than it would have felt otherwise. Priya felt the breeze snappier than it is usually during this time of the year.
‘This weather feels so heartless right now. It throws the winds at your face and then expects you to defend yourself against its brashness. Not even once does it feel empathy for you and the only way to fight it is to create warmth from within.’ Priya’s analysis of the weather was perhaps a reflection of her own frame of mind. Looking up at the cloudy sky with a sprinkle of stars across the sky rubbed in the feeling of loneliness even further. 
These clouds will faze’. With that thought, she turned back towards her home. 
‘When God closes a door, He opens another one’. 
Priya woke up from her reverie by the statement made by Anuj in the meeting. She looked up at the screen where he was describing the new project that was to be taken up soon. Anuj had been updating the team of the progress for almost 30 minutes now and Priya felt guilty that she was not paying as much attention as she should. After all, he had entrusted her the responsibility of heading the project in the new center at New Delhi.
A month ago when Priya had accompanied Anuj for the meet at New Delhi, she was supposed to run the presentation by the client. Little did she know that the success of the same would land the business with one of its major accounts at New Delhi. It was then that Anuj decided to open the latest wing of his business in New Delhi and entrust the reins of the affairs to Priya. 
‘Priya’ Anuj called out her name and she looked up at him startled. ‘As decided before, we will begin after Diwali. You better pack your bags now.’ He smiled and Priya looked around at her cheering colleagues who congratulated her one by one. Anuj waited for the meeting room to leave him alone with Priya.
‘Priya, I hope you’ll do great justice with this profile. We really have great hopes with you on this project. It might take you a little more than a year to get the project rolling. I hope you are prepared to take up the challenge.’ Anuj was forthright in declaring his expectations.
‘Of course, I am looking forward to this’ Priya stated confidently. In her mind, she knew this was her chance to leave the past behind.
…..to be continued.
The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge since October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.

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20 thoughts on “Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 4

  1. If commenting for posts in one go is a crime, here i am, your sinner. I was so engrossed in your story that I didnt want to break for a comment. I am now aching for more. As you might know that protagonist is also Priya and she is going through similar issue.Since we all write a bit of ourselves in our character, I can so relate to her. Not because I have lost some body, but because I react similarly to any grief. I didnt want Vikram to be a bad guy, I hope he comes back and he better has a very good reason to have disappeared like that, leaving the girl just like that.

  2. […] Continued from Moving On   ‘Priya, I hope you’ll do great justice with this profile. We really have great hopes with you on this project. It might take you a little more than a year to get the project rolling. I hope you are prepared to take up the challenge.’ Anuj was forthright in declaring his expectations. ‘Of course, I am looking forward to this’ Priya stated confidently. In her mind, she knew this was her chance to leave the past behind.   Inner Turmoil   ‘How have you been?’ Hina was rather austere on the phone, partly because it had been a while since she had communicated with Priya and partly because she was unsure what state of mind Priya was in at this time, after six months.   ‘I am absolutely fine. Are you okay? I mean it’s been a while since you called. Has it been 4 months, now?’ Priya had been rather busy with her new project for the last couple of months which was establishment of a Corporate Plaza in the NCR. Seldom did she get time for her social life or for thinking about her life back home. In the last few months, every time Hina had called her, Priya would get transported back to the days when she believed that life had something beautiful in store for her- the days when she believed in love.  She had not imagined the kind of void that Vikram had created after he left. Even though Hina had called her a couple of times to check how she was doing, she was quite certain Priya was not in a frame of mind to accept the sudden disappearance of Vikram from her life. She had seen how Priya had spent days in desperation trying to figure out his whereabouts, called his phone multiple times, spent hours alone and away…. without as much as shedding a single tear.    It is not the ‘how’ of things that troubles us but the ‘why’ which usually disturbs the serenity of our mind.  Unanswered questions are the ones that keep stabbing us at the wounds that never really heal. And the answers that the mind makes up to settle our fears are like sand castles that are bound to dissolve with every high tide.   ‘Well, I am good. I heard how the work is shaping up in your new office at New Delhi.’ Hina began her conversation with a neutral topic to ease the usual tension she could sense that would always build up every time she had spoken to Priya, the last few times.   ‘Yes! Very unexpectedly so. I never imagined that the project would take off at such a racy pace.’  Priya was definitely proud of the kind of work she was doing in the new office and who better that Hina to have shared her excitement with.   ‘You seem to have settled pretty well in Delhi, now.’ That was more like a question that a statement from Hina.   ‘Yes, I love it here. My work keeps me occupied most of the time and I hardly socialize. But I am glad that this project has given me a new meaning to shape up my career. I am always a little worried about mom, since she’s alone there. I am glad you keep calling her often, she tells me.’ In her heart Priya knew she could not have got a better friend than Hina and she was grateful.   ‘Yes, I called her a few days ago, she stays worried about you too.’ The statement seemed to be like a cover for major news that was in store. ‘I am getting married, Priya. And I would be going to Singapore with my husband after the wedding.’    Priya went silent for a while before she realized that this was Hina’s moment and she needed to separate herself from it. ‘Wow! that’s great! So finally Samir proposed, did he? That’s so nice.’   ‘Yes, I am glad that happened!’ Hina was glad Priya took the news so easily.   ‘When are you leaving?’    ‘Next month…. the wedding’s in two weeks, would love for you to attend.’   ‘As much as I would love to, Hina, I would be back only after this project takes off and that would take another year or so.  However, I wish you a very successful and happy married life.’ Suddenly, Priya felt that the resolve she had made when she came here was trying her at this moment. But this was not the time for her to give in. Her inner struggle with herself was stopping her to have any entry gates opened to her heart. She felt completely bound by her own resolve.   ‘Don’t you think you are trying yourself way too much?’ Hina could feel her pain and that was unbearable. She always knew Priya was much stronger than her and that she would never give in that quick.   “It’s one of those things that people say, you can’t move on until you let go of the past. Letting go is the easy part, it’s the moving on that’s painful. So sometimes we fight it, try and keep things the same. Things can’t stay the same though. At some point, you just have to let go. Move on. Because no matter how painful it is, it’s the only way we grow.”     ‘I just hope you find your element back Priya. And I hope to see you soon, too.’ After a few pleasantries, Hina hung up.   Getting back to her work, Priya gave a huge sigh. She was scared that the physical distance between her and Hina would send her even further than she had already pushed her.   Priya was startled in the middle of her thought when Anuj suddenly came and stood behind her.   “Good evening!’ Anuj excitedly wished her.   ‘When did you come?’ Priya was surprised that he would come and startle her like that.   ‘I had to visit sooner than I had planned because I have a very good news for you.’ Anuj’s eyes shone like that of a little child’s.   ‘And what is that?’ Priya joined in his excitement.   ‘Will tell you soon. Meet me in the evening for coffee.’ Anuj left her guessing.   …to be continued                    The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge since October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story.  Previous chapters:   Chapter 1: The Best Summer Ever Chapter 2: A Delightful Surprise Chapter 3: Good News…And Bad Chapter 4: Moving On […]

  3. I missed first three chapters coz I am not able to access ur puranawala blog, Kajal. I enjoyed chapter number three and guess gotta lot to catch up. I am ur gunehgaar. The chapter is so well written:)

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