Eye Of A Storm- Chapter 3

Continued from A Delightful Surprise
Vikram was taken aback with the sudden question thrown his way. It took him a while to comprehend the reason for her sudden interest in his leaving and then he felt the burden loom in his heart to respond with complete honesty. ‘Yes!’ he muttered looking deep into her eyes. Slowly his hand reached out her’s and he continued, ‘…but I will be back.’
Priya’s heart jumped inside of her.
Good News…And Bad
‘How was your trek?’ Priya was so excited to hear his voice at the other end of the phone.
‘I simply had the time of my life, Priya. It was so great to catch up with my old pals plus the trek was so thrilling.’ Vikram chirped enthusiastically.
‘You must be really tired’ Priya hoped that he would respond in negative and would request a meeting.
‘Not really, do you want to meet in the evening, today?’ Vikram was honest is displaying his interest in catching up with her.
Priya was so glad to have her prayer answered that she closed her eyes just to settle the sudden rush of exhilaration inside her. This was just the remedy the doctor prescribed after two days of Vikram’s absence. ‘Yeah, sure’, she gathered her composure to respond.

‘So, I will meet you at the coffee shop today.’ Vikram suggested. ‘Or do you want me to pick you up from your office?’

‘Not at all, I’ll meet you at the coffee shop after office.’ Priya checked her wrist watch instantly. It was only 11 a.m. right now. ‘Another 6 hours to go’ she thought to herself.

‘Okay then, I’ll see you soon’ Vikram sounded as excited to meet her as she was. Priya kept the receiver of the phone down. She could barely contain her glee.
‘Vikram seems to have returned from the trek.’ Hina teased her at lunchtime. The busy cafeteria sounded rather quiet to Priya because somehow she could only hear Hina’s voice and the name Vikram kept echoing in her mind.
‘How did you know’ Priya asked.
‘You’ve been smiling more than usual’ Hina smiled at her and Priya smiled back at her. She could fell a sudden rush of blood to her cheeks.  Both of them giggled like little schoolgirls.

‘The boss has asked for you’ the office boy walked up to Priya who was busy keying in data on her computer frantically in bid that the time would pass quickly. ‘What for?’ she asked him. The office boy shrugged his shoulders and walked off. Priya walked into the office nervously. It is not usual that her boss, Anuj, would call her to his office. He was a rather snobbish businessman who liked to maintain his distance with his staff. He would seldom interact with his staff and the office parties usually saw him leaving earlier than most others.
‘Did you call me’ Priya spoke towards him from the door of his cabin. Anuj looked up from his laptop and indicated her to take a seat. Priya seated herself in front of him across the desk. ‘What’s wrong with him? Why would he call me so suddenly?’ she thought nervously.
‘Priya, did you make this presentation?’ Anuj moved the screen of his laptop to face her. Priya moved the cursor up and down to check the screens of the presentation and then looked towards him nodding her head, anxiously. ‘It’s a great one!’ Anuj declared, understanding her anxiety. ‘Next month, we’re having a meeting in Delhi. I would like for you to accompany me there. We’re looking to acquire new business and expand there.’ This news made Priya give herself am mental pat on her back. She was so proud that her work was appreciated this way after 4 years of sincere hard work in the company.


Sitting in the coffee shop, that evening, Priya had looked at her watch for the 15th time in a span of 15 minutes, perhaps. Once again after the watch her eyes led towards the door of the coffee shop and then back to her watch. ‘Its been just 15 minutes, he must be on his way’ she thought pensively and then looked around her. She tried to engage herself in her favorite hobby-observing people. After a while her thought brought her back to looking at the watch and then at the door, again. She pulled out her mobile from her purse to check if there is a call ‘maybe he called.’ She looked at the door once again. 

A few hours later…

‘Hina, have you got any call from Vikram?’ Priya, by now, was extremely out of her element. 

‘Why, what happened?’ Hina asked.
‘I don’t know, Hina. I was supposed to meet Vikram today at the coffee shop and he hasn’t turned up yet.’
‘Don’t worry Priya, he should be on his way. Did you try calling him?’
‘Yes, and his phone is unreachable.’
‘Don’t worry then, he’ll come over soon.’
‘Its been 2 hours, Hina.’

…to be continued

The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge beginning October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.
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