Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 2

Continued from The Best Summer Ever
That summer was possibly the best she had experienced after the death of her father 6 years ago. She had been healing the loss of her biggest strength and simultaneously supporting her mother along the way. These last few years, there was hardly a day she had thought about herself. It was then that Hina, her best pal, thought it was time for her to move on and build her own world around her. Around the same time, Vikram, an old school friend of Hina’s, came in town for his vacation from his rigorous schedule at the army camp at the Indo-Pak border.

A Delightful Surprise
‘Did he tell you when he’s leaving?’ Priya asked Hina when they were having lunch in the office canteen. Hina looked up from her plate, ‘Did he not tell you that?’
‘No!’ Priya said, ‘actually, I never asked.’ Priya was so certain she would be saddened by the news if she heard it first hand from him. Just in a few days, she could feel some connect with him that was beyond everything else she had ever felt. She could reach out to him at levels she had not ever, with anybody else all her life. She realized, that’s possibly what love feels like. Even though she was still skeptical if Vikram felt the same way about her. They had been meeting everyday now and she could sense that Vikram was drawn towards her as well. 

Why did he never display his affection in a way that I expect? Why am I being so impatient with him? What seems to be the urgency? Why does it seem like I am more in this than him?’ Priya was feeling disturbed with these thoughts continuously playing in her mind.
‘He may leave by the first week of next month, I think, that’s what he mentioned’ Hina informed her. Hina noticed the grim face across the table. She instantly gauged that this was more than ‘simply dating’ for Priya. The last few days all she had heard from Priya was how Vikram treated her, how he behaves, how he smiles. Priya seemed to be happy in a way she never was. When Hina had played the matchmaker for Priya and Vikram she had not imagined that in a brief time, Priya would get attached to Vikram as much. Looking at her now, seemed like she was far off in the situation. This made Hina emphatic  towards Priya.
After their lunch, they were walking down the lobby of the office area back to their respective desks, when Hina turned to her best friend, held her hand and said softly, ‘Priya, he will leave, eventually.’ Priya smiled and responded dismally, ‘Yes…. I know.’
‘You seem to be unusually quiet today.’ Vikram smiled at her trying to search for an answer in her eyes.
‘Not really’ Priya smiled back. ‘Maybe I am just too tired from work’ she lied.

‘Do you want me to drop you back home?’ Vikram sounded concerned. Priya nodded in negative.
‘Anyway, tomorrow morning, I am going for a 2 day trek with my college pals. Do you want to join us?’ Vikram threw a random question at her and she was surprised.
‘As much as I’d wish, I’ll have to decline. I have to take my mom to the doctor this weekend and then this time of the year happens to be our peak time at work. I can’t take a leave right now.’ Priya wished so much; he would decline to go as well. She wished to spend as much time with him as possible, considering that he would leave in another 20 days, perhaps.
‘Oh, well, I will have to just accompany my friends, then.’ Vikram stated. Somehow, Priya observed that Vikram seemed pretty cold that day. Or was it just a figment of her imagination? She could somehow feel let down by his response of not going for the trek. Maybe her expectation from him was a bit unwarranted. Why does the heart feel hurt when it knows for sure that the answers it is looking for are not there?
‘I like this color’ Vikram said, trying to break the silence that had started building up between them. 

Priya got startled ‘What?’ 

She realized that she had left a dead silence while she got transported in her own thoughts. 

‘The color of your dress’ Vikram mentioned raising his eye brows that made him look even more attractive than he was. ‘Maroon, that’s my favorite color- the color of sacrifice. And you look so good in this color.’ He went on.
Priya simply smiled at the simplicity with which he complimented her. He seemed to be so in love with his work that he related everything around him to his job. Every time he would speak about his work, his face would seem serious  but his eyes would light up like a little child’s. He was extremely passionate about what he did. He knew he was his best at it and trusted his abilities completely. 

Her heart twitched at the thought that instantly appeared in her mind about him leaving her here for his job.  The thought itself had been nudging her mind for so long that she could not help but blurt out her fears to him, ‘Are you going back in 20 days?’
Vikram was taken aback with the sudden question thrown his way. It took him a while to comprehend the reason for her sudden interest in his leaving and then he felt the burden loom in his heart to respond with complete honesty. ‘Yes!’ he muttered looking deep into her eyes. Slowly his hand reached out her’s and he continued, ‘…but I will be back.’
Priya’s heart jumped with joy and she could barely contain her delight.

…. to be continued.



The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge since October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story

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Discliamer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.

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