Sound Expressions

This is a WOW post


It was unusual that the lights would be out in her apartment building since that had never happened, as far as in her memory. Shilpi on her way back from work, well past 8, thought to herself while she ascended the steps to her apartment on the 4thfloor, ‘why is the watchman nowhere around here, who do I ask?’. In the pitch dark of the night and the silence in the stairway, she could hear the sound of her own steps, splat-splat that her platform shoes made.
She kept climbing the steps looking up every once in a while, not only to check how many floors were left but also because she sensed that someone was following her. She instantly looked back with a jerk and her bag fell down on the steps with a thud. She ran after the bag when she heard a scream somewhere from the floors above.
She got startled at the sound of the scream but she could not understand who could it be. Was it the little kid on the 7th floor or the woman on the 5th floor who always keeps bellowing in the lobby of her floor chatting loudly with anyone who would appear on her doorstep? Shilpi hurried her steps in an attempt to reach her apartment as quick as possible. The voice, anyway, sounded a bit squeaky. ‘That can’t be a human, right?’ she thought.
As soon as she reached her floor, she took out her mobile to indicate its light towards the lock and when she inserted the key she heard a spooky screech behind her. The next-door neighbor peeped through the crevice of the door to check the noise in the corridor. Shilpi narrowed her eyes to try and recognize the face but she could not. After a few seconds the door closed with a bang.
Shilpi instantly opened the door of her apartment and closed the door behind her, relieved that she was home. She ran towards the windows to draw the curtains and let the moonlight to enter the rooms. In the kitchen she found a candle that she lit and brought with her in the living room. She seated herself on the couch, her heart still racing. She may have probably dozed off with the rhythm of the heartbeat because the next she heard was the meow of her pet Frizzy while the watchman was banging the door heavily.
Eagerly she opened the door in response when the watchman handed her over the cat that looked rather scared.
‘Madam, why don’t you take care of your cat?’ The watchman was absolutely curt.
‘Why….what happened?’ Shilpi responded rather defiantly.
‘Why, she was found stuck in the electrical cabinet in the basement due to which we had to shut down power since the last 4 hours. She could have died , you know!’ The  watchman was indignant in declaring the same.
‘Oh, she might have climbed down the pipe next to the window, then…sorry.’ Shilpi smiled meekly. 
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Disclaimer: All characters in this post are fictional and resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Image courtsey: Google.


31 thoughts on “Sound Expressions

  1. Hah! One thing is for sure – this story couldn't have been written with a Gurgaon or NCR backdrop. After all, you would have been hardly surprised to come home to a building in the dark here! :DThat was a nice build up and a cute little twist at the end!

  2. Nice one….you know, my problem is that when we have prompts like these, I cant hold my thoughts to use the next sound word. I end up writing a short story, no matter what.

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