Eye Of A Storm – Chapter 1

The Best Summer Ever

Sipping coffee at a small town café, Priya was disturbed from her reverie by a loud clamor in the room by a group of college-going gang. The girls and boys chatted, joked, laughed and Priya could simply smile at their camaraderie. She looked at their cheerful faces, excited and positive, comprehending their conversation from far. ‘Possibly they are miming their professors in college or maybe gossiping about a fellow student’, she thought to herself.
At the other end, there was a couple sitting in a corner, chatting for a while with each other and then looking away- the woman at the TV screen at the other end of the café and the man checking the latest cricket scores, possibly. Priya smiled at the thought itself. ‘Maybe they are a couple well into their marriage without a hope.’ She was enjoying her own comprehensions on her surroundings.
‘Hi!’ A faint voice appeared from behind her. She looked around to welcome a tall, lanky man exactly measuring  his description given by her friend, the mutual contact, Hina.
‘Hi, are you Vikram?’ She offered her hand. He held her hand with both his hands in a warm grip, ‘And you must be Priya.’ She smiled, nervously. Hours lapsed while chatting and the day came to a close. It was almost time to bid farewell but both of them were unable to call it a day. With a promise to meet the next day, they parted ways.
The next day, Priya was busy at work when Hina walked in excitedly, ‘so how was it yesterday?’ Priya smiled coyly. ‘Was he exactly as I described’ she continued. 

‘Yes’ Priya gave away.
‘So are you meeting him today?’
‘Yes, he would come in the evening to pick me up from office.’
‘That’s exciting…tell me more tomorrow. Okay?’ And then Hina left Priya who kept checking her wristwatch for the umpteenth time that day.
Soon it was time for Vikram to pick her up. Priya could now hear her heartbeat louder than before. And with the clock striking 6 p.m. she found a bounce in her feet while she descended the stairs of her office building.
On the gate stood Vikram, dashing and perfect. Priya hopped on the rear seat of his bike without a word. ‘Just a day and it seems like how easy it is to communicate with him’ she thought cheerfully. Submitting to his decision of taking her off city limits they sat by the tiny hill looking at the sunset beyond the fields, quietly sometimes and sometimes gazing into each other’s eyes.
Priya instantly took to the understanding that it was easy to be honest with him about her. There was not an ounce she had to keep wrapped from him. Vikram was the kind of person, she comprehended, she could easily converse with for long hours and they did just that.
That summer was possibly the best she had experienced after the death of her father 6 years ago. She had been healing the loss of her biggest strength and simultaneously supporting her mother along the way. These last few years, there was hardly a day she had thought about herself. It was then that Hina, her best pal, thought it was time for her to move on and build her own world around her. Around the same time, Vikram, an old school friend of Hina’s, came in town for his vacation from his rigorous schedule at the army camp at the Indo-Pak border.

…to be continued

The Impeccable Life in collaboration with The XD Experience, are hosting a 13-day writing challenge beginning today, October 13,  titled ‘Kill Your Darlings’. As a part of this challenge I am attempting my first 13 part fictional story

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or deal, is purely coincidental.

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