Look Who’s Chatty Now

The other day we had a meeting in the office and while coming back home I was accompanied by a few of my colleagues- one guy and two girls, since we all stay towards the same end of the city. Incidentally, we chanced a hitchhike from another colleague so we were glad that we would not have to struggle through the local transport.
The girls, T, N and I, took the seats behind, while my male colleague, R, took the navigation seat. C, the other guy, was on the wheel. It had begun to get dark and we all know how the Mumbai roads get crowded during the peak times. Along with the loud honking and swish-swoosh of the cars, it began pouring. Since C was accustomed to the route he took the road ‘less travelled’ which was comparatively peaceful and through the wilderness.

The trip started off with the casual introductions, since we girls were meeting C for the first time and R & C had worked together before. As we progressed, R & C got chatting about the days gone by and how they used to manage a particular area at a point of time and how many contests were rolled out by them and were a success too. We, the girls, sitting at the back seat were mute audience to their conversations when we realized that the conversation had shifted to a more serious one.
Dark…. rainy….  zero music and men gossiping! Here goes:
R- ‘Do you remember xyz?’
C- ‘Ya, he was such a jerk. Do you know he was kicked out because he was involved in some kind of a scam?’
R- ‘Oh really? He seemed to be so sincere…’
C- ‘ I guess it was the company that he kept… remember abc?’
R- ‘Of course I do…he was the one who was having an affair with mno right
C- ‘ Was he really?’
By this time we girls were quietly listening to their chatter and smiling at the way the conversations was moving.
R- ‘Yes, I guess that is why she was transferred to Pune’
C- ‘ Why would they transfer her to Pune?
R- ‘Her husband was there, so I think she was transferred too. Actually these kind of relationships never work’
And now we girls were just enjoying their analysis of ‘these kind of relationships’. I am sure they were so involved in their gossip that they forgot that there were girls in the car too. Anyway, C received a call from his teammate who filled him in with the sales score of the day.
R-‘Aajkal, who is the ZM in your area?’
C-‘ Mr. prs’
R-‘ Was he the one who was previously in Nasik area?’
C-‘ Yes, he’s the one?’
R- ‘Okay, I heard he’s quite nice. He has done some really good work in his area before’
C-‘ Nahin yaar, he’s a pain in the ass. Most of the time he’s unaware of the targets and keeps talking in the air. I find so many of us lost in our own thoughts when he’s taking a meeting’
R-‘ Oh, is that so? I have heard good things about him always’
C-‘I don’t know ….. these people are beyond my comprehension, really!’
All three of us girls looked at each other again and wished to die!!
It is normally a ‘gossip’ that women are chatty and can talk a lot continuously but here we girls were privy to a conversation, which lasted a good 2 hours and meant zilch to any of us. All three of us found the conversation not only less masaledaar but it was plain stupid. Whilst the boys were relishing and sharing their piece of gossip with each other, we were not even a bit scandalized by what was being discussed. We were more scandalized by the IQ displayed by these men.
Soon I got off the car to head home and on the way I kept sniggering in my head to think of how women are made out to be utterly goofy and stupid to indulge in meaningless conversations. When in reality, men are no different.
In fact….I feel they really need lessons in ‘meaningful gossip’ then!

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30 thoughts on “Look Who’s Chatty Now

  1. haha 😀 you know I have been trying to break this myth for a long time now. No one listens to me! Men gossip. Period. There is no argument in this 😀 😀 and yeah give them lessons in gossiping too. What is that one thing they don't need lessons in? 😀 😀 😛 Richa

  2. That is funny! I have found that men can be worse gossips then women. My own husband is so nosy he constantly has his nose out the front window trying to figure out just what the neighbors are doing. It amuses me no end. I never pay attention to stuff like that. LOL Such a fun post!

  3. LOL 😀 I can imagine the fun you girls must have had! The stereotype has it that women love gossiping, but men gossip a lot too! Though they may label it as networking or locker-room banter, but is nothing but gossip!

  4. Yes, among so many other moments, this was one when I was wondering if they could chat about something where I could converse as well. We girls were so quiet because there was nothing we could connect with in the conversation.

  5. Well, men gossip but never confess it. I personally find it sooo amusing to hear them gossiping, when they gossip their facial expressions are like as if they're talking about a matter of international importance.

  6. Ahhh…men cannot live without gossiping, just like women. But they prefer to act that 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'. In the corporate world I'm sure even the head of the heads indulges himself in meaningless and stupidest stuff to keep him sane after all the high-funda strategy making. Isn't it? 😀

  7. Haha…my guy friends used to gossip a lot and they proudly accepted it! We laughed like hell at them…but yes, I completely agree with the last statement of yours "they really need lessons in ‘meaningful gossip’ then!" 😉

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