Happy New Year

5…4…3…2…1… and as the countdown finished the room went dark. Amongst cheers, crackers and congratulatory exchanges in the room around me, I could feel my mind go numb. I could hear each heartbeat close to my ears. Loneliness had a new meaning. My mind suddenly blanked out and I closed my eyes, ears and senses to the world. I wanted to vanish.

I was sitting at home, gloomy and sad, sifting through the remains of the burnt bridges when I encountered a small red diary. Flipping through the pages of that tiny diary to find a sign, I could cling my future hopes to; I saw a tiny scrap of paper with a number scribbled carelessly on it. I examined the paper, brought it real close to my eyes, as if I would miraculously remember what it was. I did not.
I put the scrap back in the diary and closed it to answer the ringing bell at the door. Shelly had been with me at each step while I surfaced back to life. I knew she would be really mad at me to find me still clinging on to some of my memories, which were still haunting me. All she did was ignore the fact that my living room looked like a shrine dedicated to my failed relationship. She brightened up the room as soon as she came in and announced that a New Year bash was in the offing and on that day she had decided to propose to Abbey.
How lovely they looked together! She was the sunshine and he was the tiny drop of fresh dew. In contrast to them my life seemed, well…. lifeless. Now was not the time to crib about my life so I lifted myself and hugged her with a promise that I would not miss the event for anything. In her pretty white singlet with tiny roses on it, she looked like ‘summer’ and there was no reason for me to let her down. She smiled and took off, riding on her magic carpet. How lovely she is!
And here I am, groping in the dark, looking for a straw of hope. I turn around swiftly to wind up the stuff laden on the table like random bits of torn paper and put them in a basket I call ‘past’. As I stood, the red diary fell on the ground. I picked it up and the scrap of paper emerged in my hand yet again. Was that a sign? In these moments I am reminded of the saying, ‘We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.’
Nervously, I pick up my phone to call on the number on the scrap when it rings four times without an answer and I decide to keep it down. Instantly I hear a voice at the other end and I pick the phone again. By the time I initiate the responder disconnects. Should I call again, I think. Maybe, not! But that’s my sign! I gather some more courage to dial the number again and hear an unfamiliar familiar sound at the other end.
‘Hello, this is Sarah. This may sound weird but this number was on my diary.’
‘Sarah?…. Sarah Desmond?’

‘Yes! Is that Ashley’
‘Yes, its Ashley! Remember? You said you’d call’
‘And so I am!’
‘So, how have you been?’
‘Are you occupied on the New Year’s eve?’
‘No, why?’

Happy New Year

I open my eyes as if forcing myself to come to reality. Shelly and Abbey were happily displaying their respective rings and planting warm kisses on each others’ cheeks in gratitude. I looked around the room to notice everyone congratulating each other at the arrival of the New Year. As I turned around, I could feel him quickly wrap his arms around my waist and as he pulled me towards him, I found myself looking up at him with utter surprise. Within a nanosecond our lips twined into the most beautiful kiss I have experienced.

He pulled out quickly and excitedly said, ‘Happy New Year’.  The light in his eyes only made me intoxicated. The sound of the word ‘happy’ echoed in my ears and my mind agreed that the year is indeed going to be happy- considering that the beginning is such a pleasant surprise!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Note: This story is inspired by the movie ‘A Lot Like Love’ which happens to be one of my favorites 🙂

Image courtsey: Google.


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