Take A Leap

This is a WOW Post


And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’. Initially I was doubtful, but now…. I was so sure this is what I intended to do.
Back at work, it was a usual day. The store was beginning to show up customers dragging their shopping carts around the alleys, picking stuff along the way. Looking at them I have always wondered myself doing the same and then in case of not finding the product I want, seeking help from the staff present and suggesting them ways to rearrange things in a particular order. As a customer, I would want to make things a bit easier for myself here. Ah, but that was presently a dream because I am now at the receiving end.
My job as the cashier at the counter was highly stressful, considering that I was required to be on my feet for most part of the day. And today being the weekend, we were expecting more customers than on weekdays. That necessarily meant that I might have to skip my lunch break or even chat with Rishi. Rishi had been definitely a reason for me to come back here daily. He was charming, friendly and extremely compassionate. I had taken up this job in desperation when my widowed mother passed away two years ago leaving me alone to fend for myself. I had to drop my studies, mid session, in order to figure out for my ‘fending’. After I had joined here, something struck Rishi and he got me enrolled to a diploma in management. He believed in my ability like no one ever had.
The super mart was not one of the places I had dreamt of working at, in the first place. But once I was here, for a while I thought that since I am here, this is where my destiny is. Even when multiple times my boss indicated that I belonged behind the cash counter, I had begun to believe him and locked my dreams, aspirations in a warm and dark room. Soon they had begun to fade away that’s when Rishi trusted my abilities and gave me a push.
As I kept scrolling through the products and scanning them for cost, one customer after another, there was only one thought that pecked at my mind. Is today going to be my day? Will my leap of faith pay me well? Will it be as I dreamt? How stressful can waiting for a result be? I don’t remember being as anxious ever before in my life even for my exam result in school/college. I kept looking at the customers walking in and out bustling the store with activity. One might think that the noise would be confusing, clamoring but it was in fact calming. My heart was already playing the drums and I was trying to find the rhythm in this commotion.
The evening drew near and it was almost time for the store to close. The thin crowd inside the store was already wrapping up their shopping. I had already found a seat for myself to tend to my tired legs when Rishi came along, walking towards me. Was that a smile I saw on his face? With every step he took, my heartbeat became even louder, louder and louder. All I wanted to do at that time was to beckon him to walk faster. And when he suddenly stood right in front of me, I could barely utter a word. This was it- the moment I had been waiting for the last 2 years!
Did I not tell you to believe in yourself?’ His voice fell on my ears like the first drops of rain on a drought-ridden land. My silent blessings for him poured out of my eyes like morning dew. My heart danced. He was so right when he had said before, ‘Take a leap and build your wings on the way down’.
Of course, he was right for me to have had faith in myself. Of course, I was blessed to have someone who believed in me. Of course, I was delighted to be the ‘Chief Supervisor’ at the store. I am going to make a change here. 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda
This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to a person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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