Being Pampered

What would you like after a week long toil at work and just a Sunday to spare? Did I just hear,’relax’? Well, I did just that when I was invited to an event at  JCB – India by our social  group Indiblogeshwaris one bright, sunny, Sunday afternoon.

The exhibits
The JCB way
Amena from Fashionopolis had arranged for an afternoon full of comfort, care and pampering at the JCB Khar outlet which is a bright and warm place. We were welcome by their extremely courteous staff and it was so evident that after the time spent there I would be left smiling blissfully.

Don’t we just look happy?
During the course of the week I hardly get time to tend to personal grooming. Apart from paying attention to the personal hygiene, there is hardly any time for the visit to the spa or a salon. But once JCB offered a soothing session of a pedicure, it was like I was in bliss. The attendant was warm and handled my feet like they were delicate petals. Other friends got their hands manicured or a head spa. And were they really glad about the experience? Of course they were! Apart from being a classy outlet JCB also offered comfort and personalized attention. And did I enjoy all that attention? You bet.

The treats
Due to this get together I got to meet some new bloggers as well and it was interesting to know bloggers of different genre get together for a time of fun and frolic and sharing similar interests. Amidst wine, refreshments and friendly chats among us the afternoon concluded. A one year membership card from JCB and yummy cake pops and mini biscuits from Icing On Top were presented to each of us on our way out.

Icing On Top goodies
JCB gift
This post has been written for Jean Claude Biguine in association with Indiblogeshwaris

The images used in this post belong to the author and may not be used in any form by anyone without prior permission


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