Guess Its Too Late

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It was one of those days when I had an early morning meeting and I seemed to be already running late. I dashed out of the door after a swift breakfast my wife had so lovingly prepared for me.

Sometimes I really feel guilty for not being able to appreciate all that she does for me. I remember the time when we had just gotten married and she would lovingly prepare my breakfast and see me relish it at the table while we would chat. She would see me off for the day and I would be happily about my business. Ah! Those were the days. Why don’t I seem to remember when all this stopped? When was the last time we really sat down to chat? Where was she today morning when I was getting ready?
It was unusual that these thoughts would come to me now that I am running against time for time. I noticed that the lift was not working and so I quickly took the stairs. Why did it not occur to me to take the other lift, which was behind Sharmaji’s apartment? Never mind! I looked at my watch while I started skipping steps on the stairs. At the hallway I saw the watchman eerily looking at the wall. As soon as he noticed me coming towards him, he stood right up.
‘Salaam sahib!’ He gave me a lousy salute.
Namaste’, I responded, ‘what happened to the lift?’
‘The lift is not working, sahib’
As if I did not know that! Sure he did not notice my displeasure on that and went back to staring at the wall. I again looked at the watch and straight away went to the basement to pull my car out. I must remember to call the building office to complain about the lift today…. also complain about the guard. Is he really worth being a guard?
I hope I reach on time for the meeting. How much I want this advertising deal to fall into our lap. I had been meaning to get this account for about 4 months now.

The meeting went successful and after much deliberation and negotiation, the major account we were eyeing, jumped right into our lap. The power that success gives, no one really can replace that! I must head home to break the good news to her. I hope she understands how much this means to me. She must laugh at how she forgot to hand me my phone while I rushed out of home today.
As soon as I pulled the car into the compound, I saw someone dash right in front of my apartment building. I ignored the sight, parked the car and headed home basking in my own glory. I should have gotten some flowers for her, before I break the news. Surely, this means a huge upsurge in our lifestyle. She would be happy. Maybe I will cook her a nice fancy meal or better still, take her out for a candle light dinner. I understand how bored she gets when I am away at work. And lately she has also stopped calling me while I am away. Maybe these last few months I have paid no attention to her at all, but I will make it up to her.

Just too late

‘Salaam sahib!’ The new guard in the evening shift looked more in line with his job. He gave me a starched salute or was I just imagining?
‘Namaste’! I said. ‘Has the lift started working?’
‘No sahib, in the afternoon we discovered that a body had got stuck in the lift due to which it was not working. The police came and they have sealed the lift for now. You can take lift B.’
‘Body? What body?’ Why would a body be stuck in the lift, I thought?
‘Sahib, it was the body of a woman staying on the 7th floor. I somehow don’t remember the name.’
‘7thfloor? Who? I stay on the 7th floor!!’ I panicked.
‘Sahib…. 702?’

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This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to a person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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24 thoughts on “Guess Its Too Late

  1. Good read…sad ending though! It is so rightly said – Make sure to make that pending phone call or tell the unsaid words to your loved ones before its too late.

  2. ahhhh.. No!! Kajal we need a happy end! In my head I am imagining that the guard was wrong 😛 On a serious note very well written, the theme was there from the beginning but it dawns on you only in the end.. Richa

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