The Uninhabited Lakshwadeep

Circa : 2007
Little Miss 6’s age: -2 months
Doctor : Are you sure, you want to take this trip?
Me: Yes!
Doctor: Have you ever been seasick?
Me: I have never been to a sea before * sigh *
Doctor: Hmmm!! (must be thinking what a nut I am)  You seem to be healthy, if you really want to go, then I can’t stop you but you must be really sure
Me: I think I really am


That’s how I finally decided for my first ever vacation with Little Miss 6. She must’ve jumped with joy in my tummy too but I guess I was too excited, myself, to have noticed that. Do you remember the time when you used to just pick yourself and rush out of the house not knowing where you’d land up. The excitement, the gust… it’s all so exhilarating. I knew that after this vacation, I would not have another one like this, all by myself (okay, so with her, of course).

There was a list of things that was given to me that somewhat settled my nerves about the travel. There was a schedule as per which, we were to assemble in Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbaiand then take the cruise liner (Star Cruise Libra) from there, post lunch. My Taj Mahal Palace experience (first ever) was like a dream. Ya, I don’t remember much, except that when I was mounting down the stairs after lunch, I felt like a princess because everywhere I looked it seemed royal. 

I took out all my tidy whites and packed all that I required on this adventurous trip. Oh! It was adventurous all right. One, I was 7 months pregnant and found myself jumping at this thought every two minutes. Two, I had never been to a beach or sea before and did not know exactly what to expect. And three, I knew I would not have phone connectivity for 3 days and God forbade if something would’ve gone wrong, I would not have been able to contact my loved ones. Nevertheless, I was determined to take this break because I knew there would never be like this one, EVER.

SRK & Juhi shooting for Bhootnath

I was still nervous when I found myself lined up for the queue leading us to the cruise. This was my last chance to step back if I wanted to. Friends helped me gather myself and I found myself screened, welcomed by the mascot and boarded the cruise. Smiles all around and I forgot about how nervous I was previously. I was just happy that I was on board and followed the crowd where they led me to corridors with various doors for their respective cabins. It struck me then, that I had forgotten to take the key/card to my cabin and I came back to the entrance and embarrassingly asked one of the crew members to help me, who was gracious enough to lead me to my cabin.

Once settled, I took out my camera and went for a tour of the liner. There was a huge crowd on the deck to watch the shooting of ‘Bhootnath‘ and everyone wanted to get a glimpse of SRK. Not that I was too keen, nevertheless, managed a picture. I like Juhi by the way. Returned and went sightseeing inside the liner. Later in life I realized that the pictures I clicked there through 4 hours was a waste because I lost them all once I got back from the vacation. Anyway, they stay fresh in my memory and for me it was not any less than the ‘Titanic’.

God’s canvas (these were the few I could retrieve)
An evening of fun at the clubs, casino and the disco, we (friends) retired to our respective cabins. At about 2 am, a friend and I went to the top deck and spent the night chatting away. We saw a beautiful sunrise (which by the way, I did not capture). All around us was the sea and nothingness. It was simply mesmerizing. The day was spent with other such activities like fun in restaurants, boozing on the deck, taking a tour of the liner and chatting at lunchtime. An elaborate buffet was spread and it was actually difficult to choose. I relished the desserts, completely, now that I was not counting any calories (not that I actually do 😛 )

The elaborate lunch

Lots to choose from

After an afternoon nap, I was completely energized for the evening, which included a rock show, by none other than “Euphoria”. That was the most fun I have ever had without being drunk. We danced (I, a little less) and was just plain happy to be away from the city life, from the daily routine. 

Euphoria in action
Ricky: My crush on the boat

We had to make sure we slept early because the next morning we were to reach Lakshwadeep and I did not want to miss the first sight of the island. And so, I did not, as you can see below.

The shore (it took another 2 hours just to reach there)

True Blue
Once on the island, there was not much to do in terms of sightseeing. We were welcomed by fresh coconut water (free of charge) and the local auto-wallas welcomed us even warmer. No pouncing. J It was a place to be relished and breathed in. I soaked in as much as I could. As soon as we spotted a STD booth, we all called our respective homes to let them know about our whereabouts. Others indulged in snorkeling and jet skiing, since I could not…I just watched the local kids fishing in a small pond for a good one hour. Life is so simple for them, I thought. I managed solitude on the beach for about half an hour and walked bare feet on the white sand. I also collected a few corals to place them in my aquarium back home and took a brief hired bike ride with a friend. I was content and I think even Miss 6 was as delighted because she was calm and did not give me any discomfort whatsoever. Soon it was time to get back to the liner and I think I was among the last to leave the island in the evening. Soon the sunset and we retired for the day. By the next night, we reached back to habitation.

The unihabited island: What a bliss!
Now, is there another case I can make for you to try visiting this place if you want some solace from the city life?

Below is the picture of a place I often find myself in my dreams, even today.

Kavaratti beach: Can you hear the waves?

For more information on Lakshwadeep, click here

For tourism details click here

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28 thoughts on “The Uninhabited Lakshwadeep

  1. OMG this one is surely amazing Kajal. One I love sea, two I love cruises, three I love SRK like anything, four I need a holiday NOW and this one sounds just perfect for me and I loved the last pic the most.. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get to see this tonight even if it is in dreams <3Loved this one, kind of told me Dream – they will come true at the right time!

  2. Glad you loved the pictures. This remains as one of my favorite holidays of all times. I hope to go there when my daughter grows up a bit more so she can handle the sea.Hope you have 'sweet dreams' 🙂

  3. It is a coincidence, my blog for the week was about travel and yours too and Privy's as well :-))I am sure you had the time of your life – it is fun to be with kids but solitude is something that is very underrated…( I type this in that 'my time' with a cuppa while the kid is off to the 1st day of second grade) I must say you were very adventurous – and in a way it was good that you didn't capture pics…I personally don't enjoy what is before me much when I have a camera in hand 🙂

  4. Wow!! What a wonderful travelogue this is!! You sure had a fab time… with so much of beauty and adventure around, great food and music and awesome company too… a perfect vacation indeed. 🙂

  5. Ohh you lucky girl ! I have been dreaming of so long of sailing in a ship ! All the pics are beautiful. It does look like a breathtakingly lovely place !

  6. "Others indulged in snorkeling and jet skiing, since I could not…I just watched the local kids fishing in a small pond for a good one hour." – MUST have been a moment of bliss. Fun post, like I was there watching it happen! 😀

  7. Thanks Laxmi! I will just go check your blog too about your travel post. Its often that we find ourselves lost in life and hardly get any time off from the daily routine, but its always nice to take a break at times.Yes, this was 'adventurous' in a way for me. The thing is that some of the pictures which were in my other card were lost because I changed the card (after it went full) and then misplaced it somewhere. 😦 Otherwise, I could've given you a tour of the inside of the ship as well.

  8. Thanks Sakshi. Glad you noticed that….It was the most peaceful one hour where I noticed the kids play, laugh, run around, fight, chat, cheat and I so wanted to join them. I was literally teary eyed with anticipation of my child playing like them, someday. Always appreciate your comments….keep em coming 🙂

  9. The details are tempting Islands have always been my fav !!Was planning andaman from long . This post is like driving force and srk on the deck I would have got instantly clicked . Truly this is an adventurous trip as u went during pregnancy !Great post

  10. Oh wow! This sounds like a an absolutely fantastic trip, Kajal! You were really brave to venture out this way – I'm sure you've planted an adventurous seed in the little Miss. Now I'm confused, though, I thought you'd never been to a beach? 😉

  11. It surely was an amazing trip. I guess, the adventurous gene did pass on to her!Okay explanation: A beach experience for me would necessarily mean, being able to go in the water, at least have some water splashed on my feet, make a sand castle, play around with water and chill, run and jump around. Now I am still waiting for that experience. Otherwise, this new year's day I went to Gorai beach wher i did not even take off my shoes, because it was os dirty. I also remember going to Juhu beach when I was 7 but I hardly remember that (my mom has pictures, so I know). I wanna have beach fun like my friends have had in Kerela, Goa, Spain…and the like. That's amiss, as of now 😦

  12. That was an excellent experience, sir. Well, I did spend considerable time in the casino and won some too. Plus I had learnt black jack through the little TV set they had in the cabins. Hee Hee….I did go there a lot, yes!

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