Letters Unsent : Please die!

Letters Unsent is an idea conceived by Santulan and we at Write Tribe are writing some letters to the selected few in our lives. 

I have always had a fascination for the written word and I believe we express better if we write. The pre Internet phase has seen me write lengthy letters -as long as 12 to 18 pages- to my loved ones. I have still stored some of the prized letters people have handwritten to me in so many years. I value them more than the e-mails that I get now. Well, that’s another story.

Here I write a letter to a stranger as a part of the ‘Letters Unsent’ series. All the while that I was writing this letter I was crying and I hope I never get to write another one like this.


Dear Stranger,
I haven’t met you personally, ever, but I know you are out there, somewhere, lurking in the darkness of minds of women across the world. The only thought that comes to my mind now is that I do NOT wish to meet you EVER! That is so…true.
As a child I had heard stories about you, seen spoofy replicas of you in movies and even then I used to get scared just by the thought, as if millions of worms were wriggling on my body. The thought was scary then and now it has developed into a demon. I am scared of you, it is sad though, because you are a result of the cultural guiles and the societal prejudices- the world that we livein. I am sure calling this existence ‘life’ right now is questionable too. It is sad that after so many years of human existence there has been no one who has been able to eliminate you, in spite of unlimited dharnas, candle marches, slogans and the works. They do come up with so many kinds of suggestions to dissolve your effect but still you live on.
Just recently when you met the 23-year-old photojournalist, she showed us how horrible and ugly you look. Even in the wake of so much of awareness and light, you dare to show up your face like an undaunted, soulless fiend. After Nirbhaya, I had hoped that you would understand the meaninglessness of your existence, but you continue existing in the dark alleys like monsters in our minds. Today, when I am on the road, I keep a look out for you all the time. Always reminding my brain to stay awake and agile while my heart cries for freedom. I feel as if my wings have been clipped. Yes, I want to be free. I want to be able to set a foot out of my home without the thought of someone challenging my modesty. I want to be able to walk down a lone alley without feeling the need to look back. I want to be able to send my daughter out and be a child, for once.
As if it were not enough for you to brush against my body in the crowded malls; as if you were not satiated by screening my body with your eyes; as if you were not content with beating her up black and blue inside closed doors or burning her for the want of your desires; you took it as a right to lay hands on someone’s vulnerable dignity. How spiteful is that! Just goes to show how insecure you are about your existence that you have to forcefully make your presence felt only to put the existence of all the other men in gloom. It’s such a shame that you are someone’s brother, someone’s husband, someone’s father and someone’s son. The only fathers, sons, brothers, husbands I know are those who care, protect, nurture and condition. How do you even thrive? I am most certain that you cannot be a human or anything remotely close to that. You are thoroughly abysmal.
Source : Google
Have you ever thought of how your brutality affects the life of a woman- not just physically but emotionally, socially? How many times does she wake up at night with nightmares of you? Have you thought of how a future is tarnished by your actions? Have you considered how many women have had to resort to multiple sessions of therapy just to get over you? How it takes her a lifetime to heal her tattered wings? I am sure all this has never been your agenda. If it were, you would have died long ago. Well, I wish you do. How I wish you cease to exist completely not just in person but also as a thought in the minds of zillions of women across the globe. Whenever I, even as much as, think of you I get shivers down my spine and I cry inconsolably. In fact, while writing to you right now, I am crying – for all those innocent women who have been a target of your disgraceful cravings, your actions of inhuman brutality.
I hope I never get to meet you and you stay a stranger always. Through this letter I also want to communicate my wish, that you never get to meet anyone, ever, in the whole wide world.
Please die.

Immensely pained,

A global citizen.


32 thoughts on “Letters Unsent : Please die!

  1. Not just a stranger but remain a creature from outer space never ever to visit our Earth. The brutality affects a lady physically, mentally and emotionally. Its high time the 'unfair' sex understand it.

  2. What a valueless generation of hooligans we have created in our so called free, democratic society. And we will probably continue to do so. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, unfortunately.

  3. Very strong and powerful. You have written what every sensible and sensitive citizen is feeling right now. To the stranger- please die!, is all I wish to say.

  4. Hey kajal, it's a compelling letter to those demons who doesn't think twice before destroying the life of a woman. How I wish the world would be much a better place without those demons.

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