Uncertainty…and the road ahead

Its not always that we get answers to each thought that makes a wave in our mind. It’s not always that our prayers are answered just as we desire. There are times when we look for certain signs to give us a hope that all would turn as we yearn. Some things are probably just meant to be…. without a meaning.
Maybe we don’t have to give meaning to every little thing.
Maybe we don’t want the universe to tell us what we really want…maybe we already know that deep down. Maybe it’s in uncertainty that the answer really lies.

Disclaimer : The italicized words are excerpt from the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother

26 thoughts on “Uncertainty…and the road ahead

  1. Yes, but once a person has done all that they can which is in their control, they must let things play themselves, then. There's no point in digging if we know that the treasure's not there…right?

  2. I say Amen to that! Imagine if we knew all or if we lived life like it is in a TV commercial………..how drab would that be? Something is good. Nothing is better. It keeps expectations in control. Good post!

  3. Well said Kajal,yes, Uncertainty is the key word in today's world,everywhere a kind of uncertainty prevails and peopleare in a kind of fear and with that the life is movingautomatically. But the one who knows about their certaintywill go on and go on others will stumble upon. Good thoughtsThanks for sharing.I could not find the blogger follower button here instead so many others are there LOLKeep inform Best Regards

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. We must learn to live and enjoy the uncertainty without leaving our focus from our goals, though. Gad yu found my blog follow worthy. Please follow me through RSS, G+, FB & Twitter.

  5. Thats really something I really needed…for what I am going thru in my life !!!That tag – serendipity – is so apt now for me…as I read this post. Hugs Kajal 🙂

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