Avenging Love

This story is a continuation for Tribe Whispers at Write Tribe.

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This is part 8 of the story series. You could read the previous segments here:

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Jamal and Shastri made their way to the scene of crime. The housekeeper should not be given any time to escape, they agreed. As soon as they reached Qashif’s room, they scrammed around for signs of the housekeeper in the house but he was nowhere to be found. Just then Jamal noticed something rush past the window. Who could that be? He ran behind the shadow and soon the silhouette surfaced a long black robe washing away in the air; the long black tresses dancing on the shoulders. ‘Who is there?’ He called out and as if in a fraction of a second the image was lost in thin air. Soon Shastri caught up with Jamal, scouting for breath.
Who was that? Shastri asked inquisitively.
Jamal turned around towards the house without a word…searching for an answer himself. As soon as he reached the outhouse he noticed a branch of tree fallen in the yard. He was sure there wasn’t a storm and no one seemed to have cut it down. He walked slowly, past the tree into the outhouse, only to see the housekeeper lying in a pool of his own blood.

Aiyana ran through the town as soon as she escaped the clutches of Rasputin. She had to find Triton and that made her come back to the town. Now that she had been recognized, she had to find a safe place for herself before she could head out again on her search for Triton. Where would he be, she thought. I hope he is safe. She remembered all the beautiful days she has spent with him and how they were to be married soon when her whole world came crumbling down. The memories brought uncontrollable sobs. She had to somehow find him….
At night, Aiyalah moved out of the secret chamber in her quest for Triton. She knew that he was taken to the ‘dark pit’ and she headed towards it. This was like lurking in the dark for a clue; nevertheless, she headed out in her pursuit. If she could not find him, then she would be left without a purpose to live, anyway. Her heart was beating like the drums she could hear that played in the amphitheater and soon she heard a thundering roar of hundreds of people. She instantly knew the combatants were at play. This was her chance to sneak into the area and continue her search for her beloved. She was tired and thirsty and the day was drawing to a close. She had to get back to her secret getaway before somebody could discover her. Hungry and thirsty she staggered along an alley…discouraged and disheartened, when suddenly she saw him through the creek of a window.
He was tired and beaten. His wounds were oozing blood. Aiyalah cried and leapt to help him when she saw Trin walk up to him with a bowl full of warm water to soothe his bruises. She washed his body and sew his wounds. Very carefully she wrapped him in a makeshift towel and gave him soup. Kara came and sat by his side. Aiyalah wanted to cry and shout and somehow could not find her voice. Just then she noticed Trin offer him a gift. It was a beautiful scimitar that shone like a star. The handle of the sword bore an inscription. Aiyalah knew that a scimitar, such as this, is offered to a man by his ladylove when they are about to marry. She turned around and left with tears filled in her eyes and rage in her heart.
‘Whose is this?’ asked Triton.
‘This belonged to Kruson. It was gifted by me when we got married but now that he is no more, I want you to take it.’Trin offered while Kara smiled. ‘You are free now and you can go and find your destiny, Triton.’
He looked at the sword perplexed…without the slightest hint of why would he require to use it. Was there a mist in his mind that needed to be lifted? Was he meant to achieve something? Why does it seem like there is a purpose that needs to be fulfilled?  With these thoughts in his mind, he let himself sleep peacefully like he had not in the past few days. He was free. He would wake up with the sunshine to a new life, he thought.
Aiyana – the name created ripples in his heart!
He tried to get on to his feet when he was suddenly pushed back on the bed – a long sword pointing to his chest. “Stay where you are – don’t dare to move” The voice came firm and low – He looked up to see where it came from. The eyes looked familiar – the rest of the face was covered with a veil.
“Who are you?” he asked the figure behind the veil – “Do I know you?, Do you know me? What do you want from me?”
“Vengeance” came the voice, hissing in contempt!
He looked beyond the veiled face to see Kara clinging to her robe.
The veiled lady broke into laughter tinted with wrath. “You shall live to long for death – This is Lady Aiyana’s promise to you!”
Her laughter and words struck him like thunder.


The story will not be concluded by Jyothi.


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