Preeto Bai Bye Bye…nahiiin!

Have you seen the TV commercial where Priyanka Chopra is proudly suggesting the family to use a dishwashing soap in the absence of the dear Preeto Bai who has gone on a vacation? Now Piggy Chops seems to have a trick (read dishwashing soap) up her sleeve to remove all the maid woes, in normal life it’s not as simple!
Considering how priceless their appearance at our doorstep every morning is (keyword- on time) we might as well call them all- yours and mine included- ‘Preeto (Lovely) Bai’.
The other day I received a call from my Preeto Bai late in the night that she might not come for work the next day. I excused her since one or two leaves a month is a valid thing for anyone. After all, ‘mera dil bahut badaa hai’. Anyhow, the day got managed with a bit done before leaving for office in the morning and the rest after coming back in the evening. Now, let me highlight it here that I had a few guests at home for a while and the day they left, she decided to fly off as well. Of course that’s just a coincidence but here I was looking at a lot to be done around the house. Cleaning, doing dishes, dusting, cooking, laundry and managing a 6 year old!! I managed. Plus, once she was away, I got a chance to do things around the house my way. (Ignoramus child!)
You know how you always want a certain things done in a certain way which even if you explain it to anyone, they won’t do it as well as you would? Okay, so I may not be as obsessive as putting sticky tabs to each file, alphabetically sorted in the top drawer of the third cabinet or may not have 7 types of towels for various functions in the house but let me assure you, I am very…. obsessively close to Monica Geller. And ever since my Preeto came onboard, I had given my Monica streak a rest. This was my chance to get things in place like ‘I’ wanted to! Don’t laugh just yet.
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Remember the episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when Monica virtually turns into a superwoman to transform Joey & Chandler’s apartment, which she had won (or lost) in a stupid quiz? I had won the house back from the efficient management of my Preeto to the bandana clad and waist-braced psycho with a broom as her superpower. In retrospect I think I just like to do such things to myself. Anyway!
The next day’s absence did leave me a bit worried and in the evening I called her to find out what’s going on. She told me that her hand’s a bit swollen and she needs to see a doctor so she might not be able to make it for a few days. No worries really, because, I called backup who assured to visit the next morning. By the time I had to leave for work, there was no sign of her as well. Nevertheless I managed the day somehow. Called backup in the evening and …wait for it- SHE BACKED OUT!
Three days already and I was yet to get any help around the house. I call the guard to find out if he can look for someone searching for a bit of work. After another day of search I get to know there’s no one who is willing to work for 2-3 days. Facepalm! Whoever in the world asked you to let Monica Geller ever go away?
It was Sunday, the sixth day she was going to be away and I just closed my eyes for a bit… to pray for her return. She had to! My back hurt, already. And thinking about work-day Monday gave me cold sweats. Plus, I was yet to help the little one with her homework. Uff! How could I forget she also had a dictation the next day- that too??!!
Preeto Bai I would never ‘like’ to say bye bye anymore. Guess- ghar aaja pardesi seems more like my slogan. 

This post is in response to the prompt thrown at for That Tuesday Thingy 


20 thoughts on “Preeto Bai Bye Bye…nahiiin!

  1. 2 days off for the bais is a norm here, which is fair because they really don't have any day off. And I totally understand how we want to get things done a certain way. The moment my maid who does cooking goes, I go to the kitchen to do a second sweep on the platform and arrange things neatly. And she has been with me for 2 years now. I used to joke how bais take up 70% of the conversation time among married women.

  2. I can relate to your predicament when the maid is on the leave. I start having goosebumps if mine is late by even 15 minutes, like you said it becomes difficult managing cleaning, washing utensils and taking care of hyperactive five year old.

  3. ha ha ha ha!!! Though what u went through was bad but the way you said it was entertaning :)Bai is the lifeline of every household uske bina bhi kya jeenaa….

  4. Uff!! too much I know how getting a decent maid in gurgaon can be challenge. I quite struggled for a good 10 years! Now that I am planning to be back, I don't know how I will manage

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