Letters Unsent: Reminder To My Friend

Letters Unsent is an idea conceived by Santulan and we at Write Tribe are writing some letters to the selected few in our lives. 

I have always had a fascination for the written word and I believe we express better if we write. The pre Internet phase has seen me write lengthy letters -as long as 12 to 18 pages- to my loved ones. I have still stored some of the prized letters people have handwritten to me in so many years. I value them more than the e-mails that I get now. Well, that’s another story.

Here I write a letter to my best friend as a part of the ‘Letters Unsent’ series.


You know, how easy it is for me to tell you how important you are for me. If there’s one person whose door I can come knocking at 3 am, its you. Heck, you know that!
How you have been a source of support for me all these years – from the skyrocket achievements to the nose diving failures.
How so many times I have walked away from you, not because I did not believe in you, but I did not believe in myself and how all those times you held on to me. Glad you did, I’d fall otherwise.
How at times we have laughed like crazy till our sides ached over the silliest of jokes and how we have reasoned through the most complex questions in life. Why do you ask so many questions, again?
How even after so many years of us being together, we are so different in our approach towards a zillion things but how those differences give us reasons to jump into varied discussions. I’m the chatterbox, alright!
I can also keep telling you the kind of things that we have learnt from each other and how at one point of time we both agreed that we had switched roles. That was rather crazy.
It’s been so many times that I have felt telepathy play a vital role to make up for the physical distance we have and how we have called each other exactly at the same nano second. It’s actually spooky!
How many times we have lashed at each other without bothering to refrain from profanity or mud slinging and that only got the bond stronger because we shed our masks we so fittingly preserve quite well for the others. Let’s shake hands and wink.
Now that I am at this, I reminisce the Rs. 10 (times zillions) that you owe me for all the times I have pulled your leg over some silly thing. Oh well, I think we crossed it by all the times you pulled my leg for the same reason. Fine, we’re square.
I may also tell you how those days when we would go out on long drives, you used to take special pains to dig out some of our favorite songs and make a mix for us to enjoy while we’re on the move. You’re a cutie, you know.
Of course, how can I forget the special night we shared on the deck with only the sound of sea waves lashing and singing, while we looked up, chatted our heart out and ‘followed a star’ till the wee hours. Were we drunk?
The time when I was about to be a mom, you made sure that all my cravings were fulfilled and would drive down a total of 50 kms (one way) and take me out for a strawberry shake. I will always be thankful to you for this.
Did you know that when my baby was little you were the only person I believed she was safe with, apart from me? I still believe that your love for her is unconditional and that makes you even more special for me.
You know, I always feel that my trips to my favorite place in this whole world (you know where) would not have been as divine if you had not accompanied me there. He knows it, I know it and you know it too.
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We do go a long way and there are so many other incidents that I can mention here to remind you of the special bond that we share which is beyond words. But this unsent letter to you is for another purpose.
This letter comes to remind you of how you had promised we would stay forever friends till the time my hair turns gray and I lose all my teeth…and of course, when everyone around starts calling me granny. I hope you remember we crossed our hearts on that and I hope you remember- I won’t let go!
And, by the way, did I ever tell you that…I love you?


46 thoughts on “Letters Unsent: Reminder To My Friend

  1. Tears in my eyes…. thats all I can say…. amazingly written and expressed….. I can assure u this letter will be tressured for years to come….. god bless……

  2. This is so touching….such friends and their friendships come around once in a lifetime…and are to be love preserved and cherished always! :)Loved the post. 🙂

  3. Loved this letter as you both shared special relationship. Your three am friend held on to you even when you didn't believe in yourself shows a great heart of the friends. Wish had remained close till you had gray hair and grandkids. but lucky that you had such a lovely friend.

  4. Awww, Jyothi! We all come across someone like this at some point in our time- sooner or later. God bless you with someone/something so special that it keeps your heart smiling forever.

  5. Hey Kalpana…incidentally we are still together as friends and intend to stay that way for all of our lives. We mean to stick around for a long long time. I am blessed this is as special 🙂

  6. Wow Kajal truly an inspiring friendship. Especially the part where you say you walked away and still your friend was there for you. Such people are rare to find, keep them safely darling. And God bless! Richa

  7. A very sweet letter Kajal. BFFs are so special and you truly have a special bond with yours – when you can lash out and still love each other.

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