Nothing Lasts Forever…Not!

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On friendship day, everyone remembers their friends who have touched their lives in some or the other way. Somebody who has been with them through their highs and lows, smiles and tears. Somebody who has been the light in the darkest of their hour and someone who has lent a shoulder for them to cry on. Friendships are forever, even when the friend is only a memory in our minds after they have moved away on their own journey.
Along the way, I have had the good fortune of being with some of the most amazing people in life- I call friends. All of them, whom I call mine are in touch with me even today,  though we may not talk as often as we would like. Even today they inspire me in more ways than one and provide me hope when I am scared to take a leap. It is amazing how at each juncture of one’s life there is at least that one person who will hold you when you are just about to fall. And there would be that one person who will participate in the mischief you have conjured up because they have the utmost faith in you that you would get away with it.
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Those were the years when I was struggling real hard with finding my own identity just like every other teenager around me. Understanding the most complex kinds of issues and thoughts about various levels in self discovery would not have been easy, had it not been for my friend who was going through the same (almost) at the same time but stood by me, nevertheless. She helped me through it all and helped me reinstate my faith in my potential. We would be together playing pranks, climbing trees to peep at the hunk next door (in retrospect, not really!), giggle in the library only to piss the librarian, crush on the same guy and drop him because our friendship was most valuable. We would chat for long hours, sometimes through the night. Sincerely, I do not remember the kind of chats we used to have but I certainly remember we would sit for hours talking, speculating, imagining, sharing, arguing, hugging and ignoring our respective moms calling out our names to get back home. Those were the days when the most stressful was the dress we’d wear on a birthday party and most beautiful was when that guy would pass the smile. Those were the best days of my life, by far.
Today I remember her with a warm heart. We’re still in touch with each other and talk often. The magic of our friendship lies in the fact that we instantly pick up our conversation whether it is regarding our children, our work, our family (extended) or life in general. In fact, after our school days when we met during our ‘job’ days, we bonded equally well and picked up our life with the choices that we made for ourselves and accepted it just as it was…is.
It’s a miracle that not all things stay the same, but there are still some memories that stay frozen in time and whenever you go back to them, your heart melts into mush with the beauty of the moments. Cynics say- nothing lasts forever. I agree, nothing does. But that’s where the splendor really lies. Times must change, memories must pass, and friends must phase in time but the moments, memories and friendships stay alive in the heart forever.
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22 thoughts on “Nothing Lasts Forever…Not!

  1. Having good friends is a blessing. A good friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world!! Happy friendship day! 🙂

  2. I once wrote a quote which goes like " Thank heavens as Time and Tide wait for none. If at all there was a wait we would never be able to realize the beauty of memories!" True that time doesnt wait for any but memories keep us alive. I too wrote a post about a similar friend 🙂

  3. Happy memories are always fresh and inspiring in our minds and spur us on to be positive. Loved your post, Kajal. I am blessed with many close friends and we're making memories all the time!Happy Friendship day to you!

  4. Loved the way you have beautifully expressed the essence of friendship!!! And I believe in what you say…friendship is tested when you are pulled apart…..Happy friendshipS DAY 🙂

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