55 Fiction- Love & Mystery

Now that I have been trying to attempt different forms of writing, when 55 Fiction came as a challenge on Write Tribe, I had to grab it too…

Following are two such attempts at the form of writing that aims at brevity and creativity in a limited space. We were challenged to write from two topics-Love or Mystery. I tried both. 

Walking The Alley

Google Image

Walking down the alley looking for the address we so dutifully noted down on a paper scrap.

Now where could it be? He wondered.
I kept looking at his creased forehead while his eyes pursued each doorstep to settle on ‘the one’. He needed reassurance.
My hands involuntarily held his palm to pacify. He smiled.

Midnight Mystery
Google Image

Woke up to the sounds of dripping water in the middle of the night.

I moved in the direction of the noise that became louder as I approached it. My heart sank.
With a jerk I swung open the door and let out a horrified scream, ‘Johnny, did you again forget to close the tap?’


Write Tribe
This post is written for Write Tribe

43 thoughts on “55 Fiction- Love & Mystery

  1. Both the stories created the right pictures for me. And I believe 55 like haiku is about capturing the sight of the reader. And well, leaving the tap open is quite a scary affair at night 😀 😀 Richa

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