Ultimate Wrap Up!

Today’s post was so easy to write. It’s the close of Ultimate Blog Challenge 2013 and I am so glad I made it through till the end. When I took it up, I simply wanted to get back on the saddle after a lazy June and so it surely turned out as one spinner. Along the way, I learnt a little to push my personal boundaries and explore areas I had not, previously, in the short span of my blogging life. Thanks to you, dear reader, you made it special.
This month, I opened up my mind a bit more and initiated some styles, which I had not. I began the month with my first-ever spooky tale by the name of Pass The Rope – a brief story about deceit in friendship. Sunset in Leh was my first travelogue (kind of) where I summed up a beautiful sunset I had witnessed on my vacation in Leh this year. With the help of guidance from Ruchira Shukla through Write Tribe I wrote my first ‘Haiku’ in the form of Dancing in the Rain. My first ever read along came in the form of The Opposite of Loneliness…. is Intimacy where I mentioned the book that continues to guide me even after 15 years. Shilpa Garg inspired me to take on my first ever Spine Poetry and without an excuse I wrote No Excuse. I also did a story in dialogue ONLY- The Shadow of Your Smile.These were some of my firsts this month.
My daughter continued to inspire me, like she always does and effortlessly the following kept poring. Jumping with Joy, Playing The Right Note, The Most Beautiful Thing, Ten Things Of Thankful, Awesome is Me, When I Die and Shine On. It was her birthday this month and I also wrote her a letter in the form of Dear Sweetheart.  Inked And Loving It was inspired by the memory of the day I felt in control of my life, completely. I was also inspired by some personalities who made me believe in making a change – A Mighty Heart’s Prayer, The Challenger, The Sole Crusader.
I continued to brush up my short stories with varied subjects – Love and Loss, Coming Full Circle, Lost and Found, Lost Treasure, Postcard From Heaven, A Painful Tradeoff, I Will Run To You and Half A Drink (that earned me a WOW badge). Phew! I still think I’d want to drill more.
This month also saw me making some new blogger friends like Richa Singh who managed a month long serial story on her blog. Deepti, the live wire, with her never-ending support and appreciation that kept giving me involuntary tips I could cultivate from. Some other amazing bloggers like Shail, Vidya, SuKu, Pixie, Bhavya, Kathy, Smita, Sugandha, Tarang, Kalpana, Little Princess, Cynthia, Privy Trifles, Mr. Chowla and Rickie made sure I keep at it when mid-challenge I thought I should drop it like a hot potato. An extremely huge ‘Thanks’ to Shilpa Garg for being my leading light and being amongst the first to read my posts and comment on them sincerely. How can I ever wrap up without the mention of Corinne who holds us all Wrtie Tribers like glue?
August definitely sees me much at ease. I have Tribe Whispers to look forward to and I shall find time to play catch up with those books I have been meaning to read. August begins my movie-watching spree till the end of the year along with the traditional festivities. Surely, will keep you posted on the reviews.

The Ultimate Blogging Challenge, definitely, stretched me beyond boundaries I had set for myself. In true terms, it was ultimatewhere I blogged religiously for 31 days! Much thanks to Michelle Schaeffer & Michele Schism for hosting such a blast in the form of this challenge and for sending out blogging tips through the month.
If I have been able to grab any of your attention and involved you in anyway with my stories, movie reviews, musings, memoirs, life lessons then please stay tuned for more. August is even better! I sign off here to grab a shut eye now 🙂

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013


24 thoughts on “Ultimate Wrap Up!

  1. That's a fabulous wrap up post, Kajal.What's so wonderful is that you experimented with so many styles of writing in this challenge. Really admire that!Yes, it's been a great enjoyable journey. Glad that we did it together.Cheers and let's have some more fun, together in August too 🙂

  2. It's a lovely finishing post Kajal! It was a wonderful journey (Though I met this challenge very late and couldn't write back to back:( ) and so good to meet you!Best wishes…:)

  3. Thanks Shilpa…it was really nice that I could manage to experiment with my writing…still learning, evolving!Thanks for all your support and kindness always. Let's make August bigger!

  4. Congrats for the month long blogging on UBC. i will always remember you for 'Half a drink' which I loved it so much and know there are many more to come. Nice knowing you thru your posts.

  5. and I found the Rainbow Hues 🙂 🙂 … it's been lovely reading your posts and thank you so much for being an encouragement with all your comments on my blog Kajal 🙂 :)hope you liked what I left for you on my day #31 post ♥♥

  6. Kajal, it was wonderful na. This is the second challenge I took up and you were also there to make the whole joyride fun.Looking forward to reading more of what you write… 🙂

  7. Such beautiful is your writing that almost remembered all the posts mentioned and what they were all about.Now we read so much that to capture all that you have read only by titles is quite something (or I just have plain old memory). I enjoyed all the posts, they brought smiles to my face (Expecially the one where you talk about death, and you got humour involved in it)and some tears and so jitters (the all important horror one!). It has been a wonderful journey of UBC because we all did it together. Its the company that one enjoys, journey maybe same everyday 🙂 Richa

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