Shine On

It was 1983, I guess, when I was first introduced to ‘My Little Pony’. As a little girl I never took it as a show springing life lessons. I simply liked the colorful unicorns and the feeling of floating with them in the skies. That was, like, a long, long way back and as I grew, I forgot about them until they entered my life again via little Miss 6. She adores them. At the end of every movie, I ask her what she learnt from the episode, much to her chagrin, sometimes. Ah! Well, that’s just another story, though.
We’ve watched this one particular movie before but today when we watched it, we discussed it at length. In the movie Lily Lightly says that her horn lights up when she giggles and because that’s not what unicorns do, she finds herself different from the rest.  At that point her friend, the firefly, wisely tells her I think its great that you’re different, that makes you special. Lily is still not convinced and her worry is that will they laugh; these friends of mine, if they see the way I shine.
Its her friends, ultimately, who make her believe that its because she is different that she is special and make her realize how they are all different in some or the other way. It’s a very simple way of teaching children to learn and recognize their qualities and celebrate their uniqueness as something of a novelty. Eventually, Lily Lightly realizes the only way to really shine is to be yourself.
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So when I asked my little one what did she learn from it, she very reasonably told me that she’s special, no matter what!  I smiled. I got my answer indeed and that made me introspect a bit more while going off to work. We, adults, sometimes doubt our self worth and reason our achievements based on others’ yardsticks. We forget the light within ourselves that makes us unique in our own special way. We are, sometimes, clouded by our own discredit and we fear coming out in the open with our uniqueness. That causes our skills to die eventually and we never reach our maximum potential. It was a very vital lesson reminded today morning, since I was feeling a bit off-color over the last few days. So let’s not shadow our abilities with self doubt…let’s just shine on!

Here I introduce you to the song that kept playing in my mind through the day, today. 

Being yourself is mighty fine, that’s the way you really shine…. Everything will turn out right, if we shine

Hope you find some value in this:

So just as Lily Lightly says there can never be too many lights. Shine On!!

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013


22 thoughts on “Shine On

  1. I love that you ask your daughter what she learns from the shows she watches! What a great way to teach her to pay attention to the lessons she encounters! And I absolutely love her answer for what she learned from the My Little Pony movie! Thanks for sharing such a great message and the catchy song! Shine On!

  2. That's right Melissa, it good to ask her what she learnt else she will also forget the lessons these shows produce like I did as a child. I saw it as entertainment back then, but now I make it a point for her to pick up something nice from it. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I loved that you discuss what the video taught her! That makes watching these videos such a different experience altogether. Good lesson reminding me to stay as 'me' 🙂 🙂

  4. Kajal learning should always be a two way process! The post clearly told us that in a parent child relationship nothing should be a one way communication and especially teaching or learning. Both should try on the hats available on the table and get to know each role a bit more 🙂 Richa

  5. Kajal..tum meri better butter future self ho…Crazy, amazing, colorful, pinch of colors and magic dust sprinkled in right measures.. U are what I called Life 🙂

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