Who’s The BadAss?

Let me start with a reiteration to my age-old love for comedies (English) on TV. I watch any comedy that my T.V. remote finds interesting. Anyway, yesterday, like every weekday I was watching the shows ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and both of the episodes dealt with the similar track of  ‘Who’s the BadAss?’
In The Big Bang Theory, the gang (Howard, Leonard, Raj & Sheldon) drives down together to haggle a person who has stolen Sheldon’s identity on his favorite online game and usurped the associated points, cards, etc. All four of them, who were pretty confident that they could confront the man, chicken out when they see the enormous size of the hacker and return defeated. On their way back, their car breaks down and they call Penny to drive them back home. On learning that they have returned defeated, Penny takes matters in her hands and confronts the guy to give Sheldon his online identity back. On refusing to do so she very sweetly offers to touch him in his special part and ups her knee on his nuts…. hilarious, the way she bullies him. Sometimes I wish I were a part of this sitcom just so I could get away with this kind of stuff unscathed!
On How I Met Your Mother, each one in the group claims that as teenagers they have been pretty mean and hence start their race to bag the coveted title of the ‘BadAss’ of the group. Simultaneously, Marshal appears in court to defend a case that is the life of his career…and wins hands down. Well, not really, he just puts wire through his wits. Nevertheless, it does give him confidence to apply for the position of a judge. The others, namely, Lily, Robin, Barney and Ted continue weaving stories from their teenage about how their peers dreaded them and how they are still remembered as a nuisance among that group of people. Gradually they discover that all of them seem to be bluffing all along except Lily, who in reality was the shadow of fear for the neighborhood. And hence she becomes ‘The BadAss’ of the group.
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Both these sitcoms made me consider the definition of ‘BadAss’. Who is a BadAss? Is it really cool (read important) to be a BadAss in order to have a particular stance among our peers/ friends/ family/ society? Like in the case of Marshal  (in How I Met Your Mother) where he is so nice to everyone that his judgment is clouded sometimes and he faces deceit. In the episode, he nearly lost a very important (to his career) lawsuit to a smarty-pants who claimed to be his friend. Even in The Big Bang Theory, the guy gang caved because they were not really (emotionally and physically) as strong to face adversity. And eventually it all comes down to just one thing. One’s mind manipulates!
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So many times in our lives we are faced with situations where we need to really stick out for ourselves and being a goodie-two-shoes really does not help. The time when someone is trying to con you, step on your success to climb up the success ladder, nudging you for space in your life without your consent, shunning your ideas without considering the spine behind it, talking friendly but is not really a friend (more like a foe). Why would one want to just lay back and have someone step all over them? Therefore, any person who stands up for themself in the face of an adversity is really a BadAss. Is it not?

I guess, I am, too! Are you?

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013

Disclaimer : The language in the post is utilized as a medium of expression for the benefit of the post and is not intended to hurt the sentiments of any individual. Kindly excuse.


22 thoughts on “Who’s The BadAss?

  1. What a FUN post! I agree on your definition of a badass, and think I'm one too! I really admire those people who are brave and just get sh$% done without wallowing in fear and doubt (I guess maybe there are varying degrees of badassness? because i still get anxiety! :S) I guess it's overcoming that to get in there that matters! Thank you so much for this, you BADASS! 🙂 Here from UBC 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for visiting!Absolutely true…there are varied degrees of badassness! What I mean by 'One’s mind manipulates' is exactly this. OUr mind really commands us as to what is the degree we must represent.

  3. Very interesting point you made. I love both the shows. The term "Bad Ass", looks like different country/culture has different meaning. I agree with you the real meaning of that word. I live in California. Here in USA, Bad Ass means something very good, excellent, cool, awesome. For example, I could say, that was a bad ass movie (meaning very good movie).Urban Dictionary says: Bad-Ass, adjective, having extremely favorable qualities.Therefore, I will say Rainbow Hues is a bad ass writer.

  4. yea.. I'm a BadAss!! :PI stand up for myself and my friends. I don't let bullies get their way..I was bullied terribly as a child and so, I make it a point to stand up for myself 🙂

  5. Exactly Kajal. As I was watching the episodes the other day, I was thinking about it too. We all have some amount of BadAss in us, especially if people are going to think that you're bad if you stand up for yourself and also for what you think is right.

  6. "Therefore, any person who stands up for themself in the face of an adversity is really a BadAss. Is it not?" – Aye aye, lady! Love the trajectory and the ensuing definition. And what super examples from 2 lovely shows!

  7. Badass indeed!!!! and yes it is important to be known as someone who cant be messed with. World looks for doormats. Better not to let your sweetness serve as one 😀

  8. Ha Ha! that's a different viewpoint… when we love something good, cool, excellent, awesome, we say 'Kick-Ass'. For example…Rainbow Hues is a Kick Ass writer :)Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  9. yes I agree Kajal… that is what a bad ass means 🙂 🙂 .. one who stands up for oneself and his/her loved ones and give the trouble maker a big bad fart…that is what a bad ass does 😀 :D.. yes I am one big fat bad ass I tell you 🙂

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