The Shadow Of Your Smile

‘Jenny, when will you be back?’
‘Oh sweetheart, I will be back soon, I think.’
‘I will miss you, Jenny.’
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‘I will miss you too, Carl’

‘Have you taken the passport and tickets?’
‘Yes, I did. I hope the flight is not late.’
‘Did you web check in?’
‘No, but I think its okay. I still seem to have some time.’
‘Yes, the plane will wait for you anyway…. you’re a princess, you know.’
‘Why do you mock me always?’
‘Not mocking, telling you the truth. Anyways, remember to write. The shadow of your smile will stay with me.’


The above attempt for writing a story in purely dialogue, was inspired from the work of  Cathy on the Write Tribe Prompt #2. I was so amazed that a story could be told in just dialogue and hoped to try it once too. Glad I got a chance now!


This post is also as a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013 

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