I Will Run To You

‘What are you looking for?’
‘I am looking for the photo albums’
‘What for?’
‘Just need them mom, where are they kept?’
‘What exactly do you want?’
 Roul looked at his mother holding out the question with his eyes.
‘Okay,’ his mother said,’ its right there in the closet over the clothes in a shoe box.’
In the closet he looked at the boxes mounted high up on the shelf. He called out his mother to help him pull the boxes on the floor. Angie helped the boy settle the boxes all around him and left him to shuffle through the memories. One by one he started flipping the pages of the albums, scrutinizing each photo carefully. Within minutes the closet started looking like a photographers dark room with pictures scattered all over- some of them set out as favorites. He carefully took out one of the pictures, looked at it pleasingly and folded it in an envelope marked ‘To you from me’.
 ‘Would you like to tell me why were you looking for pictures yesterday?’ His mother asked him the next day at the breakfast table. Roul nodded his head in negative and smiled coyly. He was a shy boy even at the age of 7 years. When all the other boys would be bicycling and whirling around the neighborhood or playing football in the rain, he would be safely sitting on the porch and reading his favorite books. He was so proud to own his own little library in the bottom two drawers next to his bed.
On his way to school in the bus, he kept holding on to the envelope to his chest like a treasure he would not let go off. As soon as he met Ida, he held it out and offered it to her. She looked at the envelope and then back at him. Both smiled and walked into their class hand in hand. Hand in hand they came out in the afternoon to go back home when Ida handed over an envelope back to him. His eyes lit up like a thousand bulbs. Excitedly he mounted the bus, came back home and kept the envelope in one of his books in the library.
‘Rina, have you seen Roul’s picture somewhere in your home?’ Angie on one of their casual conversation with Rina, asked on the phone.
‘Actually I did,’ Rina said, ‘When I asked Ida, she said that Roul gave it to her’.
‘Even I found Ida’s picture in one of Roul’s books, I guess they exchanged their pictures’ Angie concluded.
 ‘How cute, Angie.’
‘Yes, so are you all packed?’ Angie asked.
‘Yes, and by tomorrow we should be able to ship all the stuff. Shifting homes is always such a hassle.’

It had been three years that the town had become home to little 7-year-old Ida. And then, there was Roul, her only friend. As the car started moving, she realized she would never come back to town again. She took out the envelope marked ‘To you from me’ from her backpack, opened it and saw a picture of young Roul on a wheelchair. She turned the photo to look at the message behind it that said ‘ I will run to you’.

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental 


30 thoughts on “I Will Run To You

  1. This is enchanting…and I am feeling hopeful even in the midst of their parting. This happened to me when I was 8..except I didnt have a photo or a promise of meeting again..so I can resonate with the sentiment.

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