A Painful Tradeoff

Long breaths, Long breaths her mother kept repeating. Jahnvi was almost losing her breath, instead. Little drops of sweat appearing on her forehead while her eyes tearing off. Her mind was constantly drawing back to her husband who was scheduled to be with her right now. Why did I ever come over to my mom’s she thought. More than the excruciating pain she was encountering, it was the fear of not having him around that brought tears to her eyes. Her mother like a well-trained help kept motivating her to breath easy.
‘ Where is he?’ she asked her mother.  
‘I just called him, he seems to be stuck in the office but will be here shortly’, her mother reassured her and went back to patting her forehead dry and soothing her nerves.
The doctor arrived to check Jahnvi ‘you seem to be fully dialated. We must not wait anymore.’
‘I can’t doctor, I am not having this baby without my husband’ she declared in between her breaths.
‘ Jahnvi, there is no point arguing over this. This baby wants to come NOW and we must not take any risk. Think about the welfare of the baby. ‘The doctor was firm.
Jahnvi looked at her mother who seemed as scared as she was. Her mother took this as a sign to call Arun again and took out her phone. In the mean time the doctor ordered the nurse to prepare Jahnvi. Suddenly the whole room sprung into action like a well-rehearsed play. Jahnvi’s mind was reeling by now and her heart was sinking Oh! How much we had prepared for this moment in the Lamaze. Where. Is. Arun?!! Her mind was shouting, splitting, raging.
Her mother appeared out of a corner,  ‘I can’t reach his phone. Maybe he is driving or something’.  Jahnvi closed her eyes as if trying to reach a connect with her husband. Her meditation like state was disturbed by loud shouts of the doctor  ‘Push, Push, Push….’ He kept barking at her, encouraging her to do her best. This is it…I am going to be a mother and the damn father is absconding!! She was so enraged she could have killed him at this moment. The angst gave way to a last push and she heard the tiny little voice of a distant cry. The doctor announced  ‘It’s a girl, Janvi…Congratulations!’ She passed out.
Arun walked into the room fearing he would have to face the wrath of his fiery wife. He looked at the peaceful face of his tired wife as his eyes were drawn on to the face of the tiny body cradling in the crib.  ‘Awww’ he let out a slight sound and went straight to look at her bundle of joy. As soon as he picked her up, she began crying…tiny cries, which eventually turned into loud noises drumming in Jahnvi’s ears.  Why would the baby be crying like that?  she thought as she slowly opened her eyes to look at her mother being consoled by her brother. Oh! That was a dream….
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What happened ma, where is Arun? she asked. Her mother could not contain her tears and rushed out of the room. What happened Jayesh, Is the baby okay? Where is Arun? Jayesh stood planted in front of her. ‘Where is Arun? Where is Arun, Jayesh.’
‘ Di, he was in an accident’.

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.


28 thoughts on “A Painful Tradeoff

  1. Ya, Cynthia..sometimes these kinda things happen! Am sad to imagine how Jahnvi would live without her husband whom she loves so much. Am sure, her child would always stay a reminder of the unfortunate date.

  2. I hope we could have happy endings to things like this, Smita. Presently Jahnvi's going through a lot. Would'nt wanna touch her psyche right now :)Thanks for appreciating the write up!

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