Inked And Loving It!

Tattoos are taboo! At least for my ol’ folks back home. I grew up being judgmental about people who had them and always considered them to be anti-social.  Well, that was then and then I grew up. I fell in love with a hippie and things changed completely. I started loving the colored art pieces on the bodyscape. When he used to sketch on a piece of paper I would imagine his hand work up his art on my skin. The beautiful lines and curves made a swift entry into my imagination and I would visualize all sorts of images with colors and patterns.

A few years of consideration later I jumped the ink-wagon. I walked into a snazzy tattoo parlor and inquired about it all. The soft spoken guy at the other end of the table, all inked and pierced on all nooks and corners asked me firmly, do you really want one? My tongue quivered a bit and a meek I do popped out with utmost uncertainty. I felt like the bride dressed in white at the altar with her running shoes on. He smiled, handed me over his card and said decide and let me know. I blushed, not the coy, warm, fuzzy blush. Ashamed in a way, like when the teacher asks you about your homework and you remember you left the notebook back at home, kind of. I walked out of the place, beat and discouraged.

Two months hence, I walked up at the place again- this time with my homework in tow. I spread 8 designs; I had chosen and printed on paper, in front of him. He looked at them and then at me scrutinizing my choice of designs like a lawyer scrutinizes evidence brought in court. My nerves were by now tingling inside my body and my mind halfway on my way back home. Was I chicken? I bet not! What was it? No idea. And then a voice from behind said Have you rounded off at least one of these? I turned around at the dusky clean-shaven hunk with deep black eyes with a curly mop of hair and… the cat caught my tongue. Yup, I fancy the bad, body tattooed, chewing gum kinda notorious brats. And this one just fit the bill!! *smiles coyly*

I became conscious of the color of my skin changing and asked him abashedly, Are you Al?
Yes, he said, how do you know me?
I think I spoke with you the other day and sent you a mail with my design marked ‘please consider’
He looked at me blankly and I felt like a teenager who walks up to a football player gushing I am your biggest fan. I flicked my head in my mind and began again. Anyway, which design do you think would suit me?
Guess he took that literally and began looking at the papers I had brought, pulled out a pencil from a folder and began sketching something on a piece of paper. Of course I was not looking at the paper!

The rabbit is my Chinese sign and the Chinese
letter is the symbol for rabbit as well. 
The color blue is my sign color (Emerald).
The red heart symbolizes “love” and 
the bubbles make me “full of life”!!

Minutes later, which seemed like hours in slow motion, he looked up from his drawing and said, this! I smiled. The next thing I ever remember is sitting on a chair with my ankle out as his canvas. Half an hour later, he showed me where it had reached and I said I love it!  He didn’t seem pleased with my response and said let me make some modifications.  Now this scared me. Was he saying that he was unsure, what he was doing? Not sure of what to do next, I said okay.

He changed the needle and mixed a bit of blue in white and started again. Another half an hour later, the masterpiece was complete. Looking down at it proudly he announced hope you like what you see he grinned. Yes, that was my chance to pounce on him, kiss him and say I love it.  That’s a nice visual in my mind. Nevertheless, all I asked was what should be done to take care it does not lose its color?  He took me back to the counter and handed me over a card marked “Precautions for a fresh tattoo”.  You’d think I took the card made the payment and walked out happily. Well, actually, I did. I had a movie to catch that day and so I did. After 2 and a half hours, I landed up at the place again!
This one spells my daughter’s name in Arabic

What now? Yup, that was the look at the guy at the reception when I uttered I want another one!

And so I did!

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013

Disclaimer: The pictures used in this post belong to the author and may not be used in any form without prior permission


48 thoughts on “Inked And Loving It!

  1. You are one helluva wacky person sweetie. Tattoo!! I have been longing for it for ages but the pain and the eternal "what if I don't like it" question has been hounding me. But well well wait till I get inked and put up a post as well! you wait for that day until then I can dream about the right design right and the tattoo guy? 😀 😀 Richa

  2. Roshni, great if you have already decided the design, resolve strengthens. Plus I can tell you its addictive. This year I got another one…actually a modification to the one on my wrist 🙂

  3. I have to be honest… when I got my one and only tattoo of a rose (with my biker name, Rosebud), I thought it was the coolest thing ever!Well, that was when I was 18. I'm now in my 50s and let me tell you lady, it was the biggest mistake I ever made. :)I HATE it… because it sticks out of everything and at my age, the looks I get are enough to tear down a barn. LMAOI really wish I hadn't done it, but I refuse to get it removed. It will stick there till I day I draw my last breath, but if I have the power to help someone else see the light – I'll tell them to forget the idea.Enjoy your tattoos!

  4. Totally understand your experience…that's like someone speaking my mind and situation when I got my tattoo…only that I didn't return two hours later…

  5. Love it! Tattoos are like art on a canvas and can be quite addictive. I remember when I got my first one; all I could think about was the next one. Sounds like you the same thing happened to you. They both look awesome! Congratulations!

  6. Thanks for the heads up Bonnie. I have heard horrid stories about tattoos gone wrong at an age. Well. the best part is I gave it a thought too and chose the areas on my body that are least likely to wane or sag with age and hopefully I live happily ever after with my tattoos.Cheers! 🙂

  7. Yup..Its Dhanak 🙂 I love it too…this year I got some modifications done to it as well…don't have a picture of it yet…will share on FB though someday.Thanks Pree 🙂

  8. Tattoos are good especially the Arabic one. One day I guess even I will join the ink-wagon till then its reading about others' tattoo experience so please keep writing and sharing.

  9. Ha SuKu…maybe am a bit crazy 🙂 Hope you like the artwork….I know so many people who are skeptical to get one done…somehow I convinced two of my other friends to have them and they did! 🙂

  10. WOWWWW this was super cool… its been on my wishlist since long and your post makes me want to strike it off soon :)Will keep posted. thanks for the much needed push ❤

  11. Seriously Hema, about 5 years ago I never understood them as well as I mentioned…but then with time and my hippie boyfriend things just changed. Its is definitely a unique work of art!

  12. Two in a day? wow!!! I am not brave enough for threading & waxing (I shave) so this is beyond my dreams :DThis was a very well written entertaining post!

  13. I'm trying to figure out what I love more – the tattoo or this super write-up about getting one. But I think I will go for the former, for that is what courage, creativity and coolness is made of! Well done. I feel inspired! 😉

  14. hahah…. i know, tattoo can be so addictive. i have one on my spine, a Buddhist mantra, and i cant wait to get another one. the only problem being, i get all my inking, piercings etc by only this famous dude back home.. i love ur second tattoo. that's like so cool.

  15. I was initially skeptical of getting a tattoo because of all the pain people told me about.. When I did get myself to sit down for it, it was not that painful.. Totally bearable, especially in light of what it looks like and means to me :DLoved your tattoo design.. Most tattoos are personal to their owners, and I love some of the stories behind them

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