Dear Sweetheart

Today, July 17, happens to be my daughter’s birthday and I planned to write her a letter to let her know how special she is for me 🙂


Dear Sweetheart,

Just like every mother, this time around the year, I also go through a little trip down memory lane to the time when I held you in my arms for the first time.
It’s really hard to remember how my life was before you were born. What did I do when I got back home from work? Where all did I go to spend my weekends? Was it dull or exciting? Did I have space? How did I fill my empty hours? Ever since you came, life changed in ways unimaginable, for me. That much is true. I start my day and end it with you. I don’t get as much sleep or ‘my time’, but that’s how my life is now. And, for sure, you’re worth every ounce of shape that I lost, every trip to the discotheque I gave up, every under-eye bag.  Because once you smile, it just outweighs everything I traded for it.
The good is great!  The way that you draw small little figures on a piece of paper and scribble my name over one of them. The way you listen to any kind of music and throw yourself into a dance like no one’s looking. The way you chatter about every small thing that occurs through the day. The way you turn around to give me a goodbye kiss just before boarding your school bus. The way you ask random questions- what, where, how, who, when…. and so on. The way you make up songs only you understand with missing words here and there. The way you warm the heart of each person who you engage with.
The last few days (actually….. months) have been a countdown for your birthday for you and you have been waiting for all the gifts that would find their way in your toy box, some from your list and some not.  You have been so excited to celebrate with your friends, to dress up in that dress you love, the kind of cake that you’d like for the day. Your eager eyes making plans for your favorite day…. And just watching you there makes me smile and hold my tears. Already a 6 year old? I am not sure, how these years, just passed so comfortably, with you. But I do. And it’s you.
This time, six years ago you made me a mum and life was never the same. I am forever grateful. Forever changed. Forever your mom.
I love you forever, my sweet angel. Happy 6th birthday!
Mama xx


This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013


38 thoughts on “Dear Sweetheart

  1. This is such a sweet letter Kajal and though I am not a mother yet I can still feel the emotions wrapped in this heart touching letter.Wishing your angel a wonderful birthday and loads of HUGS to you for being all that you are 🙂

  2. We never know what it is being a mom, until we are one. And then they become priceless.A very Happy Bday to the kiddo. Visiting from the UBC 🙂

  3. Beautiful! You have described every mom's feelings very truly. Your dear daughter will regard this as her best gift ever. A very very Happy Birthday to your sweet angel…

  4. Your post filled with love for your precious daughter touched my heart. I hope that she has a wonderful birthday!!Kathy

  5. happy birthday to ur little doll! when she grows up and reads this, she will be so proud to be ur daughter.she happens to share her birthday with my hubby and that's what i blogged about yesterday!!

  6. your post is sooooooo loving Kajal ♥ Here's wishing that your little gal is always blessed by His Grace and is always secured by His Loving Presence in her life… happy birthday little angel ♥♥♥

  7. Super cute! Becoming a working mother must be a daunting task but to be a blogger taking up a UBC challenge is even more so. Hats off to you Kajal and for your daughter lots of hugs and kisses 🙂 Richa

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