Awesome is Me!

Yesterday’s post was written and posted in precisely 20 minutes (Ten Things of Thankful). And it was co-blogger, Deepti, who inspired me to write today’s post. Her question to me was, ‘How are mommies so awesome?’
The answer is simple…the babies make them awesome. Here’s the story how.
When I was blessed with a baby, I did not become a mother. She made me. She was the one who gave me that status and made me feel out of this world. Obviously when she was born she was oblivious to the world around her inside that little NICU with beeps and heaving little chests of babies connected to wires. She certainly did not know, then, who her parents are and how does she relate to them. The only thing that connected us was the touch. Ah! Those mushy little hands wrapped in my palm- even though it was her tiny hand in mine, she seemed to have a larger heart because that engulfed mine completely.
Just like every mother, I am a doting mom who has an adorable 5 years old. There’s nothing fancy about our relationship, which is different from any mother daughter duo so there is nothing exclusive that you would find here. That’s just the beauty of it all. We are just like everyone else. Maybe that’s what the awesomeness is about….
When I wake her up in the morning, most days she simply wakes up fine but sometimes she nags. If I snap at her, she makes a puppy face and gets on with the routine. I feel sorry to have woken her up so early in the morning…still.
When she dodges around for drinking milk, sometimes, I have to lure her into it by bribing her with something else of her choice. She knows her way.
When she feels she deserves to watch a little more T.V. than usual because she completed her schoolwork quickly. I simply smile.
When we are going out on a weekend and she decides which pair of shoes go well with her dress, that makes me reminisce my childhood. I used to do the same.
When I do her hair every morning, she tells me some or the other story, sometimes about friends, sometimes about a T.V. show or sometimes how she wants to spend the evening with me. I plan my day accordingly.
When I read her a book at night, sometimes, she asks me so many questions, I feel like banging my head with the book but I answer her questions nevertheless. She’s imaginative and that makes me so proud.
On a weekend, when I feel like having an afternoon nap, sometimes, she tucks me in just like I do every night. Makes me feel like I must be doing it right.
When I am with my pals and they begin kiddie talk, they usually find me blabbering about her non-stop. Surely they would feel like snapping my forehead, secretly. They simply smile.
When I go out for veggie shopping and she wants to help me by picking the bags. She usually holds the biggest one and after two steps returns them saying, I might drop it. She’s considerate.
She loves to dance and would suddenly pop out of the couch if a favorite song plays and comes up with her own moves. She likes showing off her steps to the family and is that way, quite entertaining. I am glad she has something that keeps her on her toes.
Of course, there’s more…. that’s for later, now.
There are times when I feel lost at parenting and just go with my whims. Textbook parenting is a bit tough to follow sometimes. Though every time I am puzzled, she comes up with an answer, somehow. So you see, it’s not me. Its all her. She makes me do things for her, which I would not have otherwise.
…. and that makes me awesome.

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013

Disclaimer: The pictures used in this post belong to the author and may not be used in any form without prior permission


32 thoughts on “Awesome is Me!

  1. A mother-daughter relation is the best and also the toughest at times. In my teen years i felt as if my mom was my enemy and now I feel so lost if she's not at home, even if we are having our in-differences. Mom's and daughter's make each other. And your lil one looks so adorable 🙂

  2. This is so damn cute!! I have always been told this by my mom everytime I told her Mom you are awesome!!:)And now I know the why behind that!

  3. So true…when I was younger, I used to have a lot of tiffs with my mom too and as I grew up, I started understanding her point of view as well and that made me appreciate her even more. She had so much to put up with!

  4. What caught my attention was when you said "When I was blessed with a baby, I did not become a mother. She made me." I don't think I've ever heard anyone state it like that before. I do think that becoming a mom is somewhat a change of status, just like saying I do instantly makes us a wife and it happens the day we conceive. A mom is a caregiver and a nurturer and that roles starts before we even know we are pregnant. However, only we can determine the type of mother we want to be. That choice is ours and we make it every day. Some days we are better then others. And our child and our children if we have more than one, makes us who we are because we respond to each child different and we are a different mom to each child.Just some random thoughts from Erica at

  5. How true Erica…we do behave differently at times…and cannot constantly in the frame of a nurturer or a give or protector…sometimes we also have to be the bad guy in order to help them learn. I loved your thoughts on motherhood 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

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