Sunset in Leh

One of the most picturesque views I have ever seen in my life so far has been from Leh. The place seems to have been planted on earth as a reward for being able to protect at least that much beauty. Once you are there, all you can ever feel is peace. The markets are buzz with tourist activity yet the lanes are as calm as a sleeping baby. The chill in the air makes one soak themselves in the purity of the breeze and the soft chants from a monastery, bid one to submit themselves to the profundity of the place.
On my visit to the Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda)on a hilltop in Chanspa, Leh, one evening, I chanced upon some of the best sights of a sunset I have ever seen. Amidst the soft murmur of the chants spreading in the air from the shrine, I soaked myself in these views.

The Shanti Stupa with the sun rays in the background
Tip of a hill smiling at the sun while it rains
in the other hills surrounding it
Monastery on hill top with sun rays moving on to focus it

Sun rays falling on the Monastery highlighting it,
while the rest of the hills are clouded
The town bathing in the last rays of the sun

The sleepy town waiting for the sun to set
A splash of Gold
Good Night Leh

My camera went clickety click  throughout the evening. Here I have presented some of the best clicks. Hope you enjoy!

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013 

Disclaimer: All pictures in this post belong to the author and may not be used in any form without prior permission


24 thoughts on “Sunset in Leh

  1. Ohhhh, wow. I would have enjoyed sitting alongside you, enjoying the scene unfolding. Thanks to this post, I sort of did. Absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite things about Ultimate Blog Challenge is all the great new blogs I visit… like yours!

  2. I look at these pictures and I can smell the air there…I am glad I got a chance to visit this place in my lifetime.In case you visit India, ever, do visit this place for sure. Thanks for stopping by, Julie…appreciate it!

  3. Well, the other day I was telling my brother that its neither the camera nor the photographer because of which the pictures are so pretty, it because the place is so pretty, anyone can come up with the pictures 🙂 Seriously the place is simply out of this world!

  4. Leh is simply amazing! Even the journey en-route Leh is equally enchanting. There is so much beauty everywhere! We had a great time capturing the picturesque locales in Leh too! Love your captures! 🙂

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