Don’t Tell Anyone.

I had planned to have the following as my 100th post, but then decided to come up with something, which is new to my writing style- a spooky tale, which you can read here (Pass the Rope). Since I had already written most of this one, I decided to finish it nevertheless and publish anyway.


Day before yesterday I completed 100 posts on my blog…Yippee!! I wanted to write this post before since I was thinking to myself how these past three months have been for me. I started off as naΓ―ve as Bambi and stepped into the foray with a challenge (Of course, I am proud of it!). I wrote about anything that touched my heart or crossed my mind. Sometimes I even wrote just to fill the day. Along the way I met a few people I got inspired with, a few I appreciated and a few were those who I like to dislike. Don’t ask me who. There are some. And you know what, I appreciate them too in some acute kind of way.

Anyway, I don’t want to trace out my journey to the 100thpost and give it all away. I’d like it if you go back to some of my posts written and give me a feedback on that yourself. What I’m actually arriving at is that as a child when I started reading, I was trained to appreciate the words and the meanings hidden inside the words. It took me quite a bit to understand what was actually said. Also ‘reference to context’ would usually draw my attention since it would give away the impression of the writer/poet and their frame of mind at the time of penning their thoughts. It made me more sensitive to people’s emotions and I always gauged that if I ever decide to write I would be received with the same sensitivity (stupid me!). I started writing for myself very early on. I did a fair job, I think, because I was encouraged by a whole lot of people then.

When I started blogging though, the world, as I knew it, changed for me. I was faced with cynics for the first time! Strange, right? Not for me, because, as I told you, I was trained to appreciate the beauty and so anything that ever came close to not being that was automatically chucked out by my system. I ignored every reason, every thought, every person who was a mudslinging cynic, all my life and now they were staring at my face right here where I am still struggling to find my spot.

Please don’t get me wrong. I like it here. Simply because there are so many others who make life beautiful with their words, thoughts, emotions and sensitivity but there are also those who, somehow, I am presently finding it difficult to push away. I am listening to them, appreciating (not literally) what they have to say yet I find their writing style daunting. I find myself quiet when I feel what I say will make no impact. This is new to me considering I ‘ALWAYS’ have ‘something’ to say!! Now you may shout- IGNORE, but somehow I have a challenge there as well. I can ignore what has been said (I have that quality and I make full use of it) but the written word simply refuses to wipe off my memory. If I read something cynical it keeps bolstering in my mind like hissing serpents. I find myself drawn into the mind of the writer and subsequently I find myself trying to understand what made them write that.


Am I really giving you an impression that I like ‘safe havens’. Well, let me clarify that as well. I like trouble. I invite trouble with loud calls. I AM trouble. And may be, just maybe, this time as well…. I am baselessly inviting trouble. But please, don’t tell that to anyone. Deal?

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013


36 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Anyone.

  1. Congratulations, Kajal. Well done. I so appreciate your persistence, eagerness to learn and fearlessness to put it all out there. Let me tell you a secret, the ones might try to put you down are the one who you make insecure! β™₯

  2. Hi Kajal…congrats. Personal blogs are for speaking your mind. But, why should you feel insecure in the first place? Each blogger is in his/her own happy place. Just focus on your writing and you will rock.

  3. Ah, guess you're mistaken…I am not insecure…just that I don't understand why people would kinda step on the other to move ahead…especially when personal blogs are for personal reasons and not for mudslinging…that's all! I love what I do, learn each day, grow each moment…this is not just blogging for me…its my release πŸ™‚

  4. I agree, but till today I have not really come across such person/s. Yeah, politics is everywhere and so is competition. Apne karam ka phal toh milega he. Just be yourself Kajal..and your work and dedication towards it will take you ahead.

  5. Wow! Kajal you reached the milestone at a lightening speed. This is so wonderful. Congratulations.Remember that the people who appreciate and motivate and of course inspire you are are and always will very high in number compare to the people who will try to make you insecure and pull you down. So don't bother and march ahead. We are there with you. ❀

  6. You are right.. I owe it to C too,for Write Tribe for being the Angel she is…. Kajal, It takes courage to bare your deepest feelings to strangers…100 Posts is soooooo wow re!!!…I will pakka trace back the journey in time.. U go Home Girl.. Write Dil se.. U are what the journey made you and Thank you God for this dear Marvel.. Hugs ^~^

  7. 100!! Superb! And hearty congratulations. Looking forward to read lots and lots from you!Share and express and be yourself, as this is your very own space!Cheers πŸ™‚

  8. firstly congrats on your milestone.. and secondly vow! I like your attitude πŸ™‚ :)…keep it up.. ofcourse this is your place…you can write whatever you want…. Me too don't understand people who dictate their terms at someone else's place… I mean I write are free to debate or even tell your opinion..a healthy discussion is always welcome and seeked… but that in no way means they can tell me what to write and what not…

  9. "I can ignore what has been said (I have that quality and I make full use of it) but the written word simply refuses to wipe off my memory. If I read something cynical it keeps bolstering in my mind like hissing serpents. " – Ditto. And yes, happy 1st century to you. Hoping for many more to come – for your readers like me as well as for yourself! πŸ™‚

  10. Awesomeness!!Congratulations on your 100 posts!! Keep writing, keep speaking your mind! I love your writing and I'm so glad we connected thru all these challenges and madness!! It keeps the spirit of blogging alive! Hugs!! πŸ™‚

  11. Reaching that milestone is always special! congrats !! and may u write many many more…. And u know what..this is ur space…ur thoughts… why should it be dictated by what others think and what others write? ur a rockstar don't bother about all that! just enjoy what u like doing best..and write to ur heart's content!

  12. Congratulations darling!! 100th post that is something lady πŸ™‚ and as for those cynics who hounded you well whats life without some of spice. As you even ended the post on that note. Its always good to have such people so that the ones who appreciate you are just that more special. And here is to the next 1000th girli! Much love XOXO Richa

  13. Congratulations, Kajal! 100 posts in just about 3.5 months is awesome! Almost a post a day! Better than awesome, in fact! :DDon't stress too much. As Janaki says, this is your personal space. Just go ahead and write whatever you wish to write. There are all kinds of people in all walks of life, and the blogosphere is no different.

  14. hi congrats..i have been reading off and on and watching the strides you are taking….to ignore seems to be the best way for the cynics…all the best, you rock!

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