Jumping With Joy

Little Miss 5 was born with dancing shoes and it’s always a matter of great pride whenever she shows off her skills. I’d always wanted to learn Kathak, however, never got a chance to. So I resolved to have the little lady make the best use of her skills by learning a disciplined form of art and so I enrolled her to Kathak classes as well.

After 6 months was her Annual Concert and I was so looking forward to seeing her on stage. For about a month, I kept preparing myself for the proud moment that was on a Saturday. I had been on a vacation for about two weeks that had left her without any practice during that time, however, I knew she would catch up and be ready before the show on time. I also won 3 passes for the show on an online contest (In spite of the fact that I simply needed one!)

Anyhow, a day before, something comes up at work and I am asked to make a business visit with my super boss on Saturday. It was definitely an opportunity to interact with the big guy since its seldom that he directly interacts with us. My boss, whom I had already told about my Saturday leave, suggested that I declare my personal reasons for absence to him clearly and excuse myself. On the other hand, she also agreed that it was grand opportunity for me to interact with him. I was in two minds. After much thought, I decided to accompany him on the visits and decline going for my daughter’s show. Losing my heart I also gave away my passes to the parent who helped me with taking care of my daughter at the show. Sigh!

Google Image

Next day, with a heavy heart, I sent my daughter away (since she was to appear a bit early at the venue to get dressed, etc.) I also got ready to take off for work and was on my way out when I checked my phone. A message read, ‘Sorry, can’t make it today. Shall plan sometime later.’ My super boss’ angelic message was the boon I had been asking for all night. I instantly called my boss to inform and off I went to the venue of the show. 

Little Miss 5 who was prepared not to look for me in the audience was so pleasantly surprised. Oh! that killer smile that lights up my life like nothing else. I could almost feel myself jumping with joy in my heart.

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, July 2013


32 thoughts on “Jumping With Joy

  1. The name you give her is a lovely endearment. And if that's her in one of the pics, she's a sweetie. Good luck this month. I enjoyed your post … took me away from the grind for a few moments.

  2. Thanks Loarraine. I am so glad you liked my post. Not too sure, which pic are you referring to of hers (I do have some on some of the other posts)Thanks for the visit…do keep visiting please

  3. So true Erica. I do feel blessed to be able to get a chance to see here on stage and more so see her gleaming, smiling eyes joyfully looking at me, when I reached the venue.

  4. Aww..so happy that you could make it to her show. I am sure it would have been a delight for her. Sometimes, destiny plays a trick or two that works out well.

  5. Yup…made me sooooo happy.They did not allow any pictures in the auditorium so I did not get any…waiting for her teacher to give me a CD soon and then surely will post some pictures šŸ™‚

  6. Kajal, I am soooooooooooo happy that you were able to make it for her concert. I actually felt disappointed as I read the post. Thank God for these glorious coincidences that keep us working mothers going. What a joy it must have been to see your darling perform before an audience!

  7. Phew, thank God. I mean I have working parents and I know the pain a child would go through if at least one of them is not present on some of her big days. Maybe your little one's pleas reached God in time and He kept the Super Boss busy šŸ˜‰

  8. awwiiee… Such a beautiful one šŸ™‚ and Bhavya sometimes I wonder what would my kid with us both working as well. This one thought does scare me and with this post my heart is almost screaming on this point… Richa

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