The Wait

Seven years and never before had he ever remembered our anniversary. This was another of those days. I woke up in the morning, hoping he would remember. While I got my 5 year old ready for junior school I saw him relishing his usual breakfast along with his morning paper. He called out to me to ask for his wallet. I ran up to the room to grab the wallet and with hope filled in my heart reached the door. Without even much of a glance he walked out of the door, placing his stuff carefully in his briefcase. Sigh! Guess I would have to call and remind him later in the day, like always, I thought.
I waved bye to the little girl at the bus stop and dragged myself back home to complete the chores. During the day, I called him to talk but he was busy at work and could not take my call. It was already time for my baby to be back home. I walked up to the bus stop to pick her up. On the way back I picked up a few flowers to decorate the home.
She asked me excitedly, ‘mama, what are the flowers for?
Today is my anniversary so I wanted to buy a few flowers to decorate the house.
What is anniversary?
Today is the day I had gotten married to your father seven years ago
Wow, are we going to have a party?
I don’t know, maybe we can have a dinner with Papa
Can we also have a cake?
Sure’ I smiled at her and decided to order a small cake for her sake.
It was already getting dark and he was not home. My phone beeped of a message, ‘Will be late, and don’t wait for dinner.’ Sigh! ‘ I’ll wait, it’s our anniversary, remember?’ I wrote back. No reply.
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The little girl got restless and wanted to get a piece of the cake so beautifully made in her favorite chocolate flavor. I did not have the heart to refuse so I cut a small piece from a side and gave it to her. She had her fill with three helpings and without dinner slept on my lap in the living room.

I looked at the clock now- 11 p.m. I looked at the drooping lilies in the vase. A small tear trickled. I lifted the tiny body and placed her on her bed and kissed her good night. Turned around to see the lights of the car approaching the garage. The sound of the car halting, the closing of the car door and the footsteps all made me hopeful that he would be happy to see me awake to wish him. Just an hour left for us to celebrate. I want to make the most of it. I smiled and stood at the door.
Why are you still up? I asked you not to wait
No problem, I wanted to have dinner with you
I already ate…and too tired, going for a shower. You eat and sleep too
I saw him walk into the shower and could feel my scream lump in my throat. I refrained from a confrontation and stood in the balcony quietly.
The next morning, he walked into the kitchen for his breakfast to find a partially eaten cake that read ‘…… for each other’  and a note that said
“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart but you would not know that.”

This post was written for Write Tribe

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Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

18 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. No they dont deserve it at all and Kajal I wish this is just a story and wish you loads of love and so much of it in such huge measures that happiness overwhelms you at each step.. Big Hug..Thank you for making me feel the strength of a Woman as I read this story..

  2. Its true…and that's why I always maintain that communication solves many issues. I wish he could just talk to her for a bit based on the message she sent during the day. It would've solved a lot.

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