On a Rainy Day…

On a rainy day one wishes to get intoxicated in the sweet smell of the earth. Look upwards at the sky to receive the soft droplets on one’s face. Put one’s hands out to cup the water and see it tip-tap flow from the fingers. One hopes to sip on to a piping hot cup of tea and nibble on pakodas while looking out at the kids playing wet in the rain. Oh what the heck, why not just jump right into the rain myself?

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That’s exactly what I did. I ran down the steps of my home to bask in the showers so happily making music on the tin roofs. I danced unabashedly to the tunes of a typical hindi number in my head ‘tip tip tip bearish shuru ho gayee…mane ya na mane meri tu ho gayee…’ How I wished to fall in love this season. And I did.
Abid was one of the co-workers in my car pool along with Harish and Shweta. Shweta and Abid were in the same department and Harish was in HR while I was in Operations. Everytime we were in the car that monsoon, Harish & Shweta, who had known each other since college, shared jokes and laughed louder than the sound of rain on the car roof. The loudest however, for me, was Abid’s silent smiles. He had the brightest eyes and a dimpled cheek I drowned in as soon as I saw them. Those monsoon rides, every morning and evening, were something I looked forward to. The conversations were always whacky and I would look forward to Abid making a contribution too, all he ever did was, smile all the time.
And then one day he stopped appearing at his stop. Shweta informed that he had left office. He went abroad for a better opportunity without so much as a goodbye. The rest of the monsoon was rather dry and so were the next few.
Today when I look outside my balcony at the kids playing in the rain, making paper boats and splashing water at each other, my feet are tempted to again jump out of my dry comfort and run down under the open sky. I take a sip of my hot cup of tea and gulp the last piece of pakoda on my plate. My hand involuntarily moves towards the umbrella and I consciously chide my mind. I turn back once again to look at the rainfall. No one stops me now. Its time to…get wet again… And then…. tip tip barish shuru ho gayee…mane ya na mane, meri tu ho gayee…

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16 thoughts on “On a Rainy Day…

  1. Rains mean romance and we all want to soak in the weather with someone cozying around. But it isnt too bad when you just put on the music, go and dance in the rain, treat yourself to coffee and pakodas! Like you did in the end. 🙂

  2. Rain rain come again as you add up memories of laughter and pain. Rain is truly a blessing of God and it brings life to the earth, hearth and hearts. It reminds me of : Hmmmmm barsaat ke mausam mein….tanhai ke aalam mein….. mein gharse nikal aaya……

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