Xtreme Measured

When a meet is conducted out in the open, you can only be sure that it has to be fun filled with hoards of activities. On one of these occasions, Indiblogger.in in association with TATA Motors organized XtremeDrive Indiblogger Meet.
This was my third meet altogether and the first at the outdoors and I was absolutely thrilled with anticipation. The meet began with the regular icebreakers and I grabbed a prize too-a swiss knife. Yipee!!
After an extensive round of introductions of the bloggers, where I got to introduce myself as well, the Marketing Head at TATA Motors gave a presentation on the features of the ‘Beast’ TATA Safari Storme. Of course, all the technical know-how was a bit of a jargon for me but that does not take it from the fact that the same was not impressive. I was IMPRESSED!!
Evening set in and the sky painted hues of reds and orange. While I was busy enjoying that, it was announced that we had to form teams of 20 each and tug against the massive vehicle. The team to do so in the least time would win. Needless to say, it was such great fun with rope snaps and people falling on their backs that winning the whole thing actually did take a back seat. Till now I do not know which team actually won but I am so sure each one of us had so much fun being a team that we completely forgot that it was a contest.
Now it was time for us to ride the mighty beast and I was all geared up for it so when Janaki Nagraj said, ‘wanna ride’ I did not bat an eyelid and said ‘yes’.  Actually I was looking at the vehicles swooshing around and all I could hear my mind shot was ‘Speed thrills, but kills’. Nevertheless I jumped into one of thoseand now I know I did not regret it. It was an experience to retain for a long-long time.
All that I had seen as a part of the presentation about an hour back came rushing to me and I could experience each of those levels that were made as a part of an artificial steeple chase kind of hurdles. My feet were utterly tempted to feel the accelerator beneath them and my hands to hold the reins of the steering wheel. Before, I could completely drown myself into the adrenalin rush, the ride got over.
From there, Janaki and I jumped into another one to be taken through the natural terrain by our cordial driver cum host Yogesh. He was kind enough to tell us more about the way he was maneuvering the SUV across – the Shift-on-Fly 4×4 feature that enables it to ply on gravel, mud, water or snow, the 200 mm ground clearance, the best in class turning radius enabling sharp turn, an over 2000 cc diesel engine and smooth acceleration under any driving conditions. He finished the ride with one of his signature twirls at high speed with a screeching halt. My blood was rushing to my head and I could hardly stop gushing praises for the vehicle. No wonder the ride is called ‘The Beast’.
A simple vegetarian dinner wrapped up the evening and I also got a chance to meet other bloggers like Vinita Bahl, Akhil Kalsh & Sriram. Actually the highlight for all these meets is always getting to meet experienced bloggers and learn from them.
An evening not just well spent but highly memorable. And obviously extremely measured XtremeDrive!

This post is my entry for the XtremeDrive Indiblogger Meet


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