What Women ‘Chat’!

Women have had this age-old obsession with shoes and that is one piece of accessory that is never enough. We stack them matched to our dresses, we keep them in descending order of sizes, we maintain them sorted as per the utility and we arrange them neatly as per their colors. A woman’s heart skips a beat at the sight of a new pair glistening at the store window and whether she accepts or not, she wants it!

The following is a story of 6 such women (including me) who are caught in a conversation while on their way to a party. Enjoy their candid, catty, bitchy, girlie chat.Hope that you’d be able to relate to their conversation in some way. 

Just when I was moving out of the house for a party the other night, I was instantly reminded by my mom not to miss carrying the phone and respect the curfew. It was one of those days when I was so excited to attend the party because Trevor was also to attend the party. Ah! Those dreamy eyes… that puppy face. I could instantly feel a rush of blood up my head.
Soon I headed off to the venue, my feet rushing and my heart pounding. On the way, I checked my phone to see the time and saw that a chat message was flashing:
Barbie: Hey girl, I am already on my way and guess what, the Pumps I am wearing aren’t really going with the dress I’m wearing. 😥  Could you please carry a pair. I am wearing pink, of course, with silver glitters.
Me: OMG! I too am out of home now. Lemme check with Joan.
{Pings to Joan of Arc and adds her to the chat}
Joan of Arc: C’mon, you know girl…. all I wear is Cosplay. I would never dare Pumps, you see.
Barbie: Ohhhh, there has to be a way. Does anyone know how we can manage?
Me: Why don’t you try dashing to the Clarks store, am sure you’d get one there.
Barbie: What a joke! They only keep shoes for the nuns.
Joan: Don’t you be sarcastic girl… I take offense.
Me: Cool it Joan, Barbie needs the shoes now. What do we do about that?
Joan: We can check with Cleo.
{Joan patches Cleopatra in the chat}
Cleopatra: You just missed me girls, I stepped out of the mall right now. Guess, Diana is still there. I was with her a minute ago.
Barbie: Cleo, you were my last hope. Are you coming to the party anyway?
Cleopatra: No way, I have a dinner date with Shahnaz Hussain to discuss my new cosmetic, which she can brand off as ‘ayurvedic
Me: Wow! That’s neat. I hear she was in Massachusetts the other day for a lecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Babrie: Can we focus on the problem at hand? Let me patch with Diana
{Pings Princess Diana}
Cleopatra: Tell me more about Shahnaz…
Joan: Who is going to meet Shahnaz?
Cleopatra: I am!
Joan: Would you please ask her for a nice remedy for protection from Sun?
Me: Hey Joan! I have been using Neutrogena since last month, that’s super effective!
Barbie: Hello?!!
Cleopatra: Joan, I have a nice remedy which I created from the tulips and added tomato to it. You can try that!
Barbie: Can we get back to me…. shoes, people!! Di, do you know if we can get a nice pair?
Di: Yup, am at the mall right now. Why don’t you join me here? We can shop something trendy for you here.
Barbie: I wish I had the magic wand from Cinderella’s godmother.
Joan: Cinderella has a magic wand?
Me: Joan… !!?
Joan: What…she said Cinderella has it!!
Me: Joan she’s kidding…. focus!
Joan: Why did she even wear those in the first place, if she didn’t like them.
Barbie: You know what Ken just walked in to pick me from here and I don’t want to be entering the party with this mis matched pair. Joan, I refuse to answer your question!
Me: Is Trevor there yet?
Barbie: Can’t see him around. Got to go now. Guess will check with Ken if he can rush me to a shoe store now.
{Barbie logs off}
Cleo: Pals, I need to go too. My dinner date with Shahnaz is due in 15 minutes.
Joan: Have fun Cleo!
{Cleopatra signs off too}
Me: Hey Joan, about Neutrogena, I tell you….it has changed the way that I look at sun protection now.
Joan:  Great, maybe I will buy too. Also needed some good remedy for my hair as well. My hair’s always filled with sweat and grime after a daylong battle in the sun, just kind of spoils them. I had to recently slice them with my knife on the battlefield.
Me: I know, maybe Cleo has a better idea about that. You life is tough, man!
Joan: Of course, she would! She is supposedly the beauty queen.
Me: Actually I kind of think Barbie has a close chance of being the reigning queen. She’s all-plastic and you know how men fancy that, these days!
Joan: Ha Ha! The likes of me were never the hot favorites anyway. And I think Cleo is getting ancient too. *giggles*
{Diana logs in too}
Di: I can’t believe they have all sorts from Stilettos to D’orsey, from Clogs to Oxford. You know Joan you could buy some sturdy ones to use in the battlefield.
Joan:  Actually I like my Cosplay, which goes perfectly with my attire. The other day I wore Nike and I looked like a clown.
Di: Why don’t you try Dockers?
Me: Actually I really like your Cosplay and its strange how we don’t find them anymore, I’d love to own one myself.
 {Barbie pings again}
Barbie: Guys, I found a Jimmy Choo peep toes…red! And guess what, Cinderella is here too.
Me: Wow! you must buy those. What’s Cindy doing there?
{Cinderella joins in}
Cindy: Hi fellas! Since the last party at the city hall I have been looking for my glass slipper. It’s close to impossible finding them now so I thought maybe I would buy something similar here. Plus I needed one for the party.
Joan: So did you find something?
Cindy: Nopes but Barbie found ones just perfect for her.
Di: I told you so…they are so completely made for her.
Barbie: They don’t match with the dress , though.
Me: Aww girlie, guess change your dress, then.
Di : This sounds like fun…you can shop for a dress too, now!!
Cindy: Why did that never occur to me ever. I could’ve changed the dress too.
Barbie : Good idea…let me go check M & S and will ping you back.
Joan: You girls, like, have all the fun! Don’t you.
Me: Cool, but make it quick…I should reach in another 5 minutes, now.
{Barbie signs off again}
Di: Sigh! young girls…Guess I should now take off. Got to get back to the castle and dress for the party myself
Cindy: Hey Joan, do you think I should change my dress too?
Joan: No way girl, blue is your favorite color and we have been seeing you in this for ages now. If you change into something else, how will we tell you apart from ‘Snow White’ or ‘Beauty’.
Cindy: That’s right! Maybe I should just keep looking for the glass slipper then.
{Cinderella signs off}
{Cleopatra signs back in}
Cleo: Girlies, I am having a brunch tomorrow with Shahnaz Hussain. Just confirmed with her, so maybe I will join you at the party.
Me: Yippe!! Good.
Di: Hey, that would be just great. Let me come and pick you up in my new limo
Cleo: That would be just great.
{Diana signs off}
Joan: How can you ever tolerate those stiff upper lips! You know I have been battling my life against the English. How can you include them as one of us!?
Cleo: Now don’t say that…she’s a sweetheart.
Me: I think so too… She is a philanthropist in the real sense.
{Barbie pings back in}
Barbie: I found one nice silver dress…what do you guys think…sending the picture now. 

Me : Looks great, does it go with the red shoes you just bought?
Barbie: No, but isn’t it just gorgeous?
Joan: Aren’t you a bit of a spoilt brat, Barbie?
Cleo: Girlies, Diana’s on chat too, I’m patching her in
{Diana gets back in the chat}
Diana: Hi fellas! Are we all geared for the party?
Me: Nah, Joan’s not joining in!
Diana: And why is that, may I ask?
Joan: I have a battle scheduled tomorrow…have to be there before sunrise, you know.
Cleo: I somehow feel you are uselessly wasting your energy over a battle, which you may never win.
Joan: Never mind, I still have to. I am aiming at the title of ‘Saint’ and that doesn’t come easy, you know.
Diana: I see. However, I just don’t find any reason why you should waste your youth in the battlefield. There are other ways to help the disadvantaged.
Joan: Easy for you to say that with bags full of money for charity.
Me: Easy girls!
Barbie: I got another black and white with polka dots and a red bow…what do you say? That goes with the shoes. Here’s the pic

Me: You might want to hurry, Barbs. I am almost there. Is Ken still with you?

Barbie: Ya, just hanging around
{Cinderella signs back in}
Joan: More like dragged around!! LOL!!
Barbie: It’s more like love, you see!
Cinderella: What are we talking about?
Me: Loverly love!
Cleo: Love is elusive, my girl. Barbs, you are doing a good job of keeping him tied to you, and the power must always remain in your hand.
Diana: Actually, I feel love liberates. You must just let it flow and go with it.
Cinderella: I have almost killed my best years waiting for Prince Charming….I wish I knew love!
Joan: Never got a chance…I somehow, feel sometimes that I have a sad life.
Me: I always thought this is what you wanted to always do.
Joan: Of course but sometimes I just wanna enjoy like all the other 17 year olds! More like you all!
Cleo: So don’t think much…join us now.
Diana: I think so too, your cabin’s just 2 blocks away from the City Hall.
Joan: Don’t you think that would be cheating on my fellas?
Barbie: Have a life girl…Do you want me to pick up a dress for you too?!!
Joan: No, Barbie, I’ll manage and here I come…
{Joan signs off}
Me: I am so happy, finally she can be just a girlie like us
Cleo: I just hope she stays happy.
Diana: Girls, I am here with Cleo at the venue now, waiting at the steps for you all. How far are you?
Me: Guess, will pick Joan and come. Am 2 blocks away.
Barbie: I am done with my shopping, am on my way too.
{Barbie signs off}
{Cleo and Diana sign off}
Me: I love us girls.
{I sign off chat group- Friends}
I pick Joan from her cabin and reach the venue. As I step out of my car I see Cleopatra, dressed in a smoke colored flow-dress and Mules and Princess Diana in her pearly white evening gown and Kittens waiting outside the city hall for us. Joan in her sewn cloak shaped dress and Mary Jane’s and I in my slender black swing blouse and jeans with Slingbacks walk up the steps when we see Barbie and Ken walk side by side. How cute and well coordinated do they look? Their plastic faces perfectly carved. Barbie tip toeing in her Jimmy Choo’s.
From behind I hear a voice call out my name…. It has to be Trevor! I sensed he would know I am here only for him. Again and again I hear him call out my name. I turn around and slip to fall on my behind on the stairs…thud!
Me: What?!!
Mama : Wake up…its time for college.
Me: What?!! No!!! Was it a dream?
Mama: C’mon girl, you’re always late for your classes…Go on, brush your teeth.
I leap towards my phone. Login ‘We Chat’.
Voice message for BFF: Your lost slipper at the metro station gives me dreams about shoes all the time. Meet me at the City Hall in the evening. Let’s look for that Prince Charming f your’s…high time!

This post is my entry for the contest on Indiblogger.in in association with WeChat.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and the humor used is not intended to hurt anyone’s work or life, whatsoever.

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12 thoughts on “What Women ‘Chat’!

  1. this is what keeps us going and believe it or not I have had such conversations on message chats a million times! I still have a group on phone on lets say "x" messenger with all my four college friends on it. And it has nothing much beyond such things 😀 😀 a good take on contest! Richa

  2. That is so true, Richa…sometimes I really feel that we girls are the most fun when we are free to chat away without being judged by the 'intellectuals' …when we can just let ourselves be…just girls!Glad you liked my post.

  3. That was quite something. Really enjoyed reading those. I myself is obsessed with shoes, and that missing s hwart beat on the sight of a new shoes, yea that's so meee…. Good writeup nd interesting characters too. 😉

  4. Loved it…can't say more than that…and any girl would relate to something or the other of this…I am pretty sure…I was never interested in shoes..but things have changed…why …well girl friends are great that's why ! 😉

  5. So glad you liked my post. I did give a lot of thought to each of the characters. Happy that you could connect to them. Sure girlfriends are so much fun :DThanks for visiting my blog. Please keep visiting.

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