Every time we are making up our minds to start a new venture or being a new chapter in our story, we are flooded with a lot of plans…thoughts. A whole plater full of negotiated and cardboard cutouts of plans. We gather measurements of experiences and tokens of fragmented stars from the past to make the road ‘less travelled’ (by us) more viable and well lit.

Sometimes, we make up our minds as to how we want to be perceived, however, what we portray may not necessarily be as planned. The secret is “faith”. Once you start having faith in your plan, it starts working. So, what are we waiting for? Have Faith.

Over the long haul of decisions we often forget that the future really is not in our hands. We are mere precursors of our own measures and formulas. We have, over years, experimented with our emotions and formulated certain equations from our familiarities. As we gaze ahead, all that lies is, well, a rough draft of how it shall be. We forget that we are mere mechanics and not the machinery. Therefore, a lot really depends on us…. but, not all!

Anytime, we are faced with self-doubt or fear, we are also faced with a question- do we really have faith? And to surpass the fear, the self-doubt, THAT IS all what is required. Faith may not make the terrain easier, but may make the journey enjoyable, at the least. 

So, leap…a leap of faith!


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