Broken Petals

‘What’s in a name?’ she announced dramatically. ‘A rose by any other name would smell the same.’
‘C’mon Aalia, why does it bother you so much to say- I love you.’ That’s what my question really is?
‘Would it really change the meaning if I don’t say it?’ She asked.
‘No, but it feels nicer to hear it once in a while’. He knew if she could cross that river she could swim beyond.
Aalia just looked out of the window of the moving car observing the various buildings, markets, streets pass her by, a teardrop brimming her eye. Kris continued driving looking out at blank while his mind involuntarily functioned the gears. The mere silence between them struggled to bring them together. As much as they were in love with each other, they wanted to confess that it was not easy to make a beginning again.
Aalia was out of college when she had married her school sweetheart only to be pushed out of the relationship after deceit. Kris was heartbroken too as his wife had lost her life to a prolonged sickness about five years back and that left a huge void in his life. As was destined, he met Aalia as a ray of hope to lead a life of togetherness.
Kris and Aalia had known each other for three years now but it seemed like they were destined together, forever. They both had common ground to move from-pain. It was not a surprise that they found solace in comforting each other’s bruises. Life was looking up again. Though it took Aalia a few years to regain faith in her own ability to love, it was Kris who stood by her like a rock…teaching her to smile again. It was after she met Kris that Aalia rediscovered her lost art of finding humour in the simple things.
Kris pulled the car over and looked at her. Aalia looked back at him hoping for him to understand how difficult all this was for her.
‘Now that we’re going to the church, it is absolutely important for me to know if you really want this.’ Kris said with great effort.
‘Of course, why else would I have agreed to marry you Kris?’ She held his hand in hers as the teardrop fell from her cheek. ‘I understand that your love completes me and I would not have asked anything more from you, but this seems so good to be true. I am just scared not to ruin this again.’
‘You would not, Aalia. Because ‘we’ will make sure this works!’ he said with all the conviction. Aalia smiled, as she knew there was no reason for her to doubt his commitment in their relationship.
Just as Kris turned around to start the car, Aalia heard a loud thud and with a jolt was thrown out of the car, her pristine white dress colored crimson. From the crease of a bruised eyelid, she saw the car smashed by a truck. She passed out.

This post is in response to the Wednesday weekly prompt at The Write Tribe a place to find support and motivation for writing and blogging. 

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely co-incidental.

Write Tribe Prompt

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