How I met ….My Soul Sis!

It’s been three years since she’s moved to the home of the ‘Big Apple’ and we have hardly met each other ever since but the physical distance between us simply does not act as a restraint in our bond with each other. Every time we talk, we can pick up a conversation from where we left the last time. It’s as easy.

Ratika and I have known each other for almost eight years now. Of course it’s no comparison to people who have been friends since they were children but what we lack in the number of years, we make up for in the connect. And to top it all, we have superb telepathy. I call out to her in my mind and she calls!
It’s not like we instantly liked each other and jumped into gossiping and giggling. You see, we worked together and she had joined office before I did and was excellent at what she did. I was told, when I joined, that she manages the shop floor sternly and well, I was not one to be snubbed. I hated the fact that there was someone who I did not report to but wanted the work done on time, as required. What business does she have? I used to think, often. In fact the first time I introduced her to my husband, I spitefully introduced her as ‘being my boss’ (I meant she’s bossy). To my surprise, she responded with ‘I ain’t no boss, I just help my friends around.’ That took my heart away. Within a few months, she quit for higher studies.
This marked the beginning of many days of midnight calls, long hour chatting and sharing striking events from the past. There was not a thing I was ever uncomfortable discussing with her and she reciprocated with equal emotion. We knew we were bonded for life and even a year of complete absence for each other did not matter the next time we touched base.

Ever since, times have brought us even further. Amongst giggles and gossips are concerns and faith. We look out for each other and save each other from a bad day. We have little girls now that keep us chatty about their cute little tricks and other parenting stuff. Most of all, we are together because we have shared smiles and tears as easily as we have shared mirth and pain. Between us, settled in different continents, is a vast expanse of geographical divide, but our arms stay snug in embrace forever. 

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26 thoughts on “How I met ….My Soul Sis!

  1. Probably writng this fr the 100th tym and hopng t page doesnt refresh again and I lose t text!!!Kajal..thnx fr mentioning me in something so close to ur heart. U r brilliant wit ur words and I hope it takes u somewhere big one day. Thnx fr being around…ALWAYS! Am lucky to have u .. BTW, it was funny to know wot u felt abt me initially :DLv u…

  2. Hahaha!! I thought you already knew *evil grin*Anyway, thanks for going through this and liking it too. And thanks for all the wishes too. Of course, now you know I love you soooo…. LOL!!!Love ya ❤

  3. Some friends are like that, distances can never creep in. I am so happy that you have been blessed with such a good friend. God bless you guys.

  4. I can absolutely relate to this as I too have such a friend. Although initially we didn't get along due to lot of interferences from the other parties, I started getting along with her after she quit. In fact, we speak quite frequently. 🙂

  5. How wonderful to read your post, Kajal. I am blessed with a handful of friends like this. It feels so great to sit back and enjoy the memories while adding to them every other day. Thanks for sharing!

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