Jump Queue Time

After my last experience of getting an identification card made for myself landed in a disaster, I was in no mood to again set foot in the premises where the ill-disciplined babusdominate. Till I had to get an Aadhar Card made, which I guess is a must-have now (not too sure, though). The whole scenario flashed again and I cringed. In case you want to know what I am talking about you can check my related post here – What’s in a name?

I dread standing in such long queues
Now, stepping into a government run office is an experience, which I dread the most, and always find ways to dodge it. I, also, always dread standing in long queues to get simple documentation completed. No wonder, I never got a Passport or a Voter’s Id made (Oops! I said it :P) Therefore its, always, such a blessing if you know someone who can fast forward your case in government offices and surprisingly I did find someone who could do that for me. Okay, now I see that raised eyebrow here and please don’t judge me. I did not have to bribe anyone, just a pleasant look with fluttering eyelids – you know what I mean! *wink, wink*

So what did I get to do? I filled up a form and attached my PAN card and my bank statement as proofs and marched into the office. At the reception, I was asked to show my original papers for identity and address and was asked to wait for a while. Immediately, someone led me to a small cabin and I comfortably seated myself opposite a pleasant looking youngster, Sameer. I faced a computer screen with a virtual form where my details would populate once he would verify all the details. He asked me to spell my name and other miscellany. Once done, I was asked to have my iris and fingerprints scanned. Okay, so here is the highlight. Remember those jokes about how your FB profile picture looks way different than the one on your drivers’ license? Well, when it was my turn to get a click here, he asked me to check how I looked on the screen and even gave me time to set my hair! Wow!! Actually ritzy!

I was impressed by the quick action taken on my request and I was done in a flat 5 minutes. To my surprise, before he hit the ‘submit’ button he asked me to confirm the details as seen on the screen. Whoever has time for this in a government office? I could not control my excitement and smiled sheepishly.

The youngster sitting across the table was highly amused when out of my curiosity I asked him certain questions about his role and the kind of foot falls they get. As they say, old habits die hard. I had to make a connect somewhere, since I was already sold to the immaculate and impressive workflow of the office. You see, I wanted to know what all had I missed in the process of ‘jump queue’. It’s not always that you get to face smooth functioning in a government run office in India, after all. I got my answers, he handed me over an acknowledgement and I was on my way.

I turned back to ask my final question, ‘How long will it take for me to get my Aadhar card now?
Two or Three months, I guess’. He smiled and replied.

Uff!! I believe, some things just never change. I smirked and walked out of the office.

Image courtesy : http://therodinhoods.com


18 thoughts on “Jump Queue Time

  1. That's a very pleasant experience in a govt office! This post has inspired me to apply for the Aadhar card too… will look for the details right after this comment!

  2. Yeah, looks like people have had a reasonable painless experience getting their Aadhar card made, including my mother. I think I should get inspired too!

  3. Its good to hear that you had a pleasant experience… not too sure if I need an Aadhar card that badly… I am sure unless I absolutely necessarily require it I am not going to get it made for me 😛 The queues here are painful !

  4. LOL!!I have to get my Aadhar card done too! but, that will happen only after we come back home to Bangalore! The Passport office has been streamlined too and I was so surprised and happy when things went smoothly and there were no hassles!! 🙂

  5. The Adhar card fellow set up camp in my building few months ago, complete with all his scanners and computer. People who had all the necessary documents were automatically pulled ahead out of the queue. Apparently, these guys have incentives based on how many complete forms they fill up in a day/week. So they are eager to get applicants whose paperwork is complete. I could check the status of my application online, and one fine day, I got my card delivered… just like that… no hassles. Actually, I didn't face any problem getting my passport either in Patna. I had all the paperwork, and the officials were more than happy to deal with an educated, non-screaming applicant for a change. Didn't take me more than 3 minutes in the passport office. And no, I didn't have to stand in the queue either. The officials themselves told me to come forward.

  6. Believe me Kajal I have been dreading getting one made for myself solely because of the process involved.. but reading your post makes me feel I can give it one chance now 😉

  7. well, well! That sounds like a wonderful change! Yes, I remember the long queues for everything. How nice that they even helped you check your hair and makeup before the click! 😀

  8. Yeah Roshni, that was really nice of them to have waited till I was sure of the click! 😀 Its amazing how the whole set up seems to have changed, with all youngsters behind the counters and smiling and to top it they speak respectfully too (in English as well!!) 🙂

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