Everybody loves ‘Love’

I love the way Marie & Frank’s relationship is. They never lose a day, a minute without picking at each other and yet they are nobody without each other. The beauty of the little tiffs that they have lies in their being together on screen. In fact even when they are not on screen together they do not leave an opportunity to run a joke on the other one. That’s priceless!
I am in love with comedy sitcoms and there are a few I have been watching for like donkey’s ages (Oops! did I in the process mention my age?) Anyway, children today are mostly familiar with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and no doubt I am a huge fan of the show (don’t touch me there, I am a trivia on that!) but there are also others, which I am as crazy about. One of them being ‘Everybody loves Raymond’- one very amusing story of a guy struggling it out between his past (mother) and his future (wife). I really have a lot on that topic too but this post necessarily is about the protagonist’s parents- Marie & Frank.
They have been married for so long (40 years!) that they have practically forgotten what each one was when they got married and keep cooking up stories about how they would have preferred the other to be. It is in these small little bickering that their togetherness is strong. Marie being the matriarch of the family likes to control everything in her and her son’s home and Frank is the only one in the family who can defy her because he cares a damn! Evidently, this is what it looks like. What I see is, in spite of all this they are still together and so interdependent that neither of them wants to leave for good.
Sometimes in our relationships we tend to forget the warmth that the other person provides in spite of the squabbling that the other demonstrates. This usually forms a cloud of doubt in our equations and we tend to give in to mistrust. It is only when we cross over to the other person and read them like a book that we can feel the comfort of being in each other’s company. This may sound pretty sermonic but the truth is we usually find comfort in the familiar. As we grow we tend to experiment less and practice more. Relationships are complex; we have heard that over, and therefore, it is so important to find your spot, your comfort in a relationship.
Marie & Frank may not be an iconic example of a perfect marriage, but their relationship surpasses that. They don’t behave like a ‘perfect’ married couple. They are just two people moving on in their life and accepting the other person just as they are – with love, in spite of all the nagging and criticism. And yes, that does not stop them from being together because it helps them bond even better. Simply because they are comfortable in being critical of each other and can accept their faults at that! And that only happens if there is an element of Love.

You know what I mean:

Image courtesy : Comedy Central


14 thoughts on “Everybody loves ‘Love’

  1. I absolutely love this show and still watch the reruns from time to time even though I've seen every episode countless times! You may be right about their relationship. It seems to work. 🙂

  2. Same here Tracy. I keep watching reruns of the show myself and enjoy every time. You know it always surprises me that the stick around and stand together in spite of the regular tiffs and nagging. That's the beauty of their relationship.

  3. Loved your analysis on their relationship!Sometimes it is this sour and sweet nature that adds flavour to our otherwise bland life 🙂

  4. Beautiful take on a topic which bewilders us all at am point or another .. It wud really be so much simpler if we were able to learn from them… they are an example for all who think a good relation is all fun n agreeing ro each other ..Loved the piece .

  5. Marie and Frank seem interestingI never watched Every body loves raymond and strrangely not regular with FRIENDS toowatched few seasons on laptop 😉 heard a lot thoughTO me fun show is BBT- Big bang theory and I used to love HIMYM too !I shud watch every body loves raymond does it get telecasted even nw ?

  6. Afshan, you got to see this one…its a great take, something that we Indians would relate to so well. The theme of the sitcom is very Indian. You'd like it.A while ago Comedy Central was presenting it, but I guess its off air now.And yes, as mentioned in my post, I am a mammoth (not necessarily in size) fan of the comedies from America….so ya, HIMYM & BBT are my fvs too…and then of course, I have a long list of others which I guess will unfold slowly through my posts. Ah talking about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. that one is what I learnt a lot in my life from and I have the whole series on DVD (gifted by my BFF) which I keep watching whenever i wanna!

  7. It actually has a lot to do with investment. Who is going to invest time in training another man after all these years? 😛 Love Raymond and Friends, both. Anything for laughs.

  8. Guess, that's another take on the relationship…plus for the guy its always a risk for he does not know if another woman would be miserly or even an over the top spender 😉

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