The Last Sunset

Walking hand in hand over the hills to look at the sunset, every day, was usual with Roohi and Saabir.  They had been doing this for as long as they could remember. She would call out his name from over the wall dividing their homes and he would rush out of the house pulling his bicycle outside her exit door and ringing the bell frantically, till she would run out of her house and seat herself behind him comfortably.

Roohi was a little over 7 years when Saabir moved with his mother next door where his uncle lived. His mother had widowed at a very young age and could not bear the responsibility of a child alone and had to depend on her brother. Sabir was a 5-year-old brat with twinkling blue eyes where the ocean waves danced. He used to tease Roohi all the time for her little nose and would always call her bunny rabbit. Though she always nagged him not to give her any nicknames, she secretly loved all the adulation and attention he showered on her. For him she was an icon too, always caring and ever loving. She would protect him from bullies and save goodies for him that father would give her when he would come back from work. He would make sure to take her around the town and to the annual fairs and treat her with a ride on a giant wheel. Growing up was so easy for both of them and they bloomed into young swans in a few years. She was a delicate looking fragile beauty at the age of seventeen and had heads turning for her. He at fifteen was her shield, always by her side to save her from lecherous glares. As a joke to her demand for a rose, one day, Sabir gave her a small pot of cactus. She was furious and returned it saying ‘one day when  I would want it I’ll come and get it!

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During a conversation on one of their regular sunset moments, she asked him if they would see these sunsets forever. He replied with utmost definite belief that they would ‘of course!’ Excitedly he continued, ‘You know, the sunset yellow is my favorite color and I love the way it merges into the sky.‘ ‘Really?‘ she exclaimed. ‘I love the bright blue of the summer sky which brings life to the clouds above and that is what makes the sunset even more wonderful.‘ He looked into her eyes, their fingers twined. He promised, ‘this is forever‘. Spring in their feet, they went back to their respective homes walking down the cobbled road with the bicycle by their side and the starlit night sky above, like everyday.

It was after a few days when the annual fair had wound up business from the town that Roohi’s mother announced to Saabir’s mother that they had found a suitable alliance for her and considered getting her wedded a month before Ramzaan.

The next sunset was gloomy and unlike every time, Roohi insisted that they meet at the foot of the hill and walk hand in hand for the last time to see the sunset she would keep in her heart forever. They quietly sat by each other’s side breathing in the breeze they fell in love with. Saabir knew there was nothing that he could do to keep her safe with him forever. As the sun bade goodbye for the day, Roohi left his hand and ran down the hill sobbing. Saabir saw the last of her, then.

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When Roohi came back in town after five years, she was walking down the same cobbled street. She could feel the presence of her beloved in the street. Her eyes were searching for the once familiar face at the doorway of his house, when she noticed a cactus pot outside a door with blue colored frame. That was Saabir’s house once and she had heard they moved away shortly after her wedding. She could feel her heart wave inside her chest. Another couple of steps and she reached the entrance of her house with a sunset yellow frame. She could not control her tears anymore. He was, like the last sunset, safely interred in her heart, forever.

The second part of this story is here : You are my life…My Only!

This post is in response to the Wednesday weekly prompt at The Write Tribe a place to find support and motivation for writing and blogging. 

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely co-incidental.

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42 thoughts on “The Last Sunset

  1. ‘I love the bright blue of the summer sky which brings life to the clouds above and that is what makes the sunset even more wonderful.' -Loved this expression Kajal.Your story touched a chord somewhere.

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