Oh Marbles!

‘Would you share your marbles with me?’ said Myra innocently.
‘I don’t think so ’, Mohsin was curt. ‘To earn them you have to play and win’.
‘But I am just 6, I don’t even know how to play ’ stated Myra shrugging her shoulders.
‘Well, then you’ll just have to wait till you’re 9 like me and then get them’ Mohsin was utterly sure he would not part with the marbles he had so proudly earned after 3 rounds of baazi with his friends in the park. ‘Now if you’ll excuse me I have a PS game to finish’ he said passing her off after he kept the bottle with his marble on his study table like a trophy.

As soon as he was out of the room off to busy himself with the PS, Myra sneaked into the bottle to pick one bright blue colored marble with hues of green in it. She was so fascinated by the colors that she had to get it, no matter what. She slyly screwed the cap of the bottle and was just about to place it back when it fell to pieces. ‘Haah!’ she gasped, when she heard Mohsin rush back, yelling ‘Mom! I told her not to touch my things, she just broke my bottle of marbles.’ Myra was so scared, she could not think of anything but put the one marble she had in her hand, into her mouth and gulped it!

‘Let me help you picking them up’ she leaned to assist him as mother rushed into the room. ‘Don’t touch anything; you’ll get hurt.  Let me clean this mess’ she offered. Myra and Mohsin, took to a side while they saw mother pick up the glass pieces one by one, giving each other snide looks! 

Once mother left the room after the cleaning was finished, Myra whispered over to Mohsin, ‘Bhai, would you not scold me if I tell you something?’
‘What?!!’ He retorted.
‘One of your marble is missing and neither you nor I will get it now, ever’ she said softly.
‘Why…where is it?’
‘Its in my tummy…I gulped it!’ she said proudly.
‘What?!!’ he screamed…’Mom! Myra gulped a marble’.

Again, the mother rushed to the room yelling. ‘What?! How did that happen?’
Accusingly Mohsin started off, ‘she wanted to steal from me and she gulped it!’
‘ Oh Lord, Myra! What am I to do now? Mohsin, quick… call your father’. She rushed out picking up Myra and the car keys and leapt towards the parking. ‘Mohsin close the door behind you. Tell dad we’re at the Holy Heart Hospital’.

At the emergency, the mother mentioned the whole incident to the nurse and was busy filling up the papers. Myra called out twice but mother was busy in her animated description of the incident. Mohsin was still busy on the phone when the nurse tip-toed over the counter to check ‘where’s the patient?’ ‘Here she is’ the mother said and looked around to see Mohsin busy playing a game on the phone while Myra was gone! ‘ Mohsin, where’s your sister?’ ‘ She was right here by your side’ he said. ‘ My God, Mohsin, you could just help me look after her for a while instead of playing games here’. She began looking for Myra around the emergency room but alas! Just then the father rushed in ‘ What happened? Where is Myra?’ ‘ I can’t seem to find her. She was right here a moment ago’  ‘How can you lose a child, Mehtaab? Let’s look for her around here. She must’nt have gone far’ he said patiently. They were busy asking the waiting crowd with the description of the little girl but no one seemed to have seen her. And then, a thud! ‘Mohsiiiinnnn’ the mother screamed and ran towards the stairs he just fell from. ‘Ah!’ Mohsin screamed in pain and was rushed immediately to the waiting doctor at the orthopedics. 

An x-ray, a plaster and a painkiller later, he was admitted to a ward for observation overnight. Father was still worried looking for the little girl all this while, when a nurse came running looking for him, along with Myra. “Is this your daughter?’ she asked. ‘Yes! Yes!’ he said delightedly and took her in his arms. ‘Oh Myra, thank God you’re fine. You know your brother got a fractured arm when he slipped off the stairs while looking for you. Anyway, now lets go and see if he is okay and then we’ll take you to the doctor.’ As soon as he entered the ward, the mother rose from Mohsin’s side to take Myra into her arms, ‘where were you all this while, we were so worried. These 30 minutes have been horrible. Where were you?’ she called.

‘I went to the washroom, mama. I noticed it was right next to the counter you were at. I kept tugging at you but you were busy and I had to go’ she explained. ‘And yes, I also flushed the marble out!’ She was so relieved.

This post is in response to the Wednesday weekly prompt at The Write Tribe a place to find support and motivation for writing and blogging. 

The ‘Emergency’ picture credits : Morguefile
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is co-incidental.

Write Tribe Prompt

25 thoughts on “Oh Marbles!

  1. Oh My God! What a nightmarish time! Very vivid and very relate-able. My sister had once inserted a rajmah bean in her nose and it just wouldn't come out despite a hundred attempts to blow it out… had to take her to the doc immediately and he had to pull it out with some surgical scissors etc…

  2. Such incidents make me wonder why we have children at all! Here's to hoping mine don't send me to Emergency banging my head in frustration :)Meera

  3. Gosh! Little girls are amazing. I remember, years ago we had a neighbor with a naughty son – he swallowed a nut. We freaked out before we could get that out!Cheers, Kajal!

  4. It brings out the very best in a child and parent relationship which we all have experienced for plentiful years- mostly at the naughty end 🙂 Lovely piece and a great stand on the picture itself :)www.subzeroricha.blogspot.in

  5. Thanks Richa! I was the impish one in my family and I have actually put my parents in these kind of situation multiple times…si could very well relate to the story myself and it kept playing on my mind since I saw the prompt. 😉 😛

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