The soul that keeps growing.

Ma and Pa had just moved to this mountain town up in the Shivalik hills (Northern India) when this happened. Ma was busy feeding the baby when his eyes shifted towards her bulging belly with absolute concern. He had been noticing how she was dreary most of the day and did not play with him as often. Her movement was restricted to mostly chores inside of the house since it was terribly cold outside and Pa would always bring whatever she needed from the market, whenever required.

The intent listener

‘ That is a baby’ she said while noticing him looking at her belly.

‘ Whose baby?’ he was so concerned because he was used to be being called the baby all these past 2 years.
‘That’s our baby. God is giving us a brother or a sister for you to play with’ she ensured him.
‘Are you not going to play with me anymore?’ his concern was obviously different. He did not want to share her attention.
‘That’s not true. I will always play with you and the new baby too.’ she planted a kiss on his forehead and resumed feeding him.

The reassurance was priceless. He anticipated a new being coming into their homes that would enhance the quality of his life as well. 


Sometime later, Ma was moved to a nursing home and the young baby was asked to stay back with the neighbors and wait for the new entrant in the family. Suddenly it began snowing. Fresh snow in the last leg of January is unusual but it happened and overnight the inches grew knee-length. It was difficult for people to come out on the roads. Chaos reined on the roads with snow being bull-dozed from every corner of the town. 

Amidst the chaos outside and the calm inside in the nursing home, a pinky peach baby girl was born- me. The catholic nursing home was just next to the church and the nuns during their usual visit on their way back to the convent came to bless me. That’s how the story has always been told to me and that’s how I like to cherish it.


The day Ma was to go back home with me in tow; Pa brought my brother to the nursing home too. The little two and a half year old was scared, as he had never been to a hospital or a nursing home before. While Pa stepped into the room, he stood at the door in awe of the sight. I was in my mother’s arms when she called out, ‘Come on in, my dear. Look! This is your sister.’

A bond for life
He was hesitant at first and then one step after another made way towards the bed, which was high above his waist. He looked up and could only see the chubby little hands of the baby dangling at an end. He reached out to touch the cleft of the hand, and at the sensation I clenched his finger. As a reflex he wanted to pull his hand, but I held on. He placed his finger softly back in place again. I held on, still. Tighter. He reciprocated. I was accepted. 

The way he metamorphosed his identity from being a baby to a brother in a fleeting instant defined how he would stay guard for others, and me as well, throughout.


At home, a few days later, the sun decided to come out of his hiatus from behind the clouds of gray and everything in the town sparkled with its light kissing the icicles. Often ma would leave my brother with the neighbors because she felt that he needed to socialize as well. Now, he refused to come out and wanted to stay indoors, on the bed, by my side. The neighbors would insist that no one would ever take his sister away even if he’s not around, but he would not trust them. ‘I am never leaving my sister’s side’ he said in a stern tone. At any such threat, he would clench my hand as tight as he could. I knew he would hold on to me forever.

He clearly showed traits that he would not take undue risks and would check for himself if he can manage what he has on hand. Also, he trusted his instincts to decide whether he wants to follow as being told or not.


This picture completely reminds me of how
I used to bully him most of the times
As time passed, like all siblings, we grew to love and hate each other. As kids I used to emulate him whichever way I could, try being his shadow in front of his friends too, much to his annoyance. As teenagers we became friends sharing details we could and hiding facts we decided we should. The last decade of the century saw us away from each other when he went for his studies and we used to write long letters to each other. What are long letters? 18-20 pages! I must never have written such lengthy letters to even my boyfriends, ever! I learnt a lot from the letters he wrote. The way his life had evolved and how he had transformed himself into a force to reckon. His life was my measuring scale. He set himself up as an example for me and for so many other people who have crossed paths with him.

Now we live in separate cities, are married off and raising our respective families. We meet once or twice a year now. That surely has not changed our stance in each other’s lives. He still looks out for me, when needed and when he must. He is most safely my 3:00 a.m. friend, even now.


In hindsight, I realize he was always set out for greater things in life. It started right when he took his first step into that nursing home’s room to accept what life had brought him. He accepted me not only as a part of his life but he owned every whim, every dream, every inch of joy and sadness that life with me brought him. When he set out of the nest to explore his life, he knew he can fly higher than what his wing-length allowed. He trained himself to leap higher than he was taught. He still has an unmatched grit and zeal for trying new things. He maintains his charm and composure and uses reason to sort the concerns. He looks out for not just me, but for others whose lives he touches. More so, his name is a synonym of ‘big and mighty’.

So here. 

You ask for a recipe for an entrepreneur’s soul and he fits the bill completely. He has a soul that grows way beyond age… and life itself.

I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with


20 thoughts on “The soul that keeps growing.

  1. This is such a heartwarming tale 🙂 LOved the way your Mother and father handles the situation 🙂 This can only happen in the case of unwavering and unconditional love . You are truly blessed 🙂

  2. Having been the solitary child, I looked for and found solace in company of my cousins. This post reminded me of all that I missed, and yet, somehow made me happy. Thanks for the lovely post.

  3. By the time I finished reading, I had tears in my eyes. I share a special bond with my brother, hence know the feeling. You are blessed to have him in your life Kajal.

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