Day 1 – I bought this!

This is a book that I bought a few days ago, from a roadside peddler. This happens to be the first book that I ever bought at a traffic signal and the experience of the transaction is well-etched in my heart due to the heart warming smile of the salesperson- it was a transaction beyond the financial deal.

The twinkle in his eye is unforgettable.

I shared this experience in my post here – Smile, please!
Disclaimer: Pictures used in this post belong to the author and may not be used in any form.

16 thoughts on “Day 1 – I bought this!

  1. I like to buy like that. I once bought a colourful umbrella near traffic signals, not intending to use it šŸ˜‰ I find it truly nice that they are selling something instead of just begging.

  2. Somehow I never got the inclination to buy anything from the signals, but glad you found some of the items useful.Its actually nice to see these small kids making something of their lives and not just begging for their livelihood.

  3. I just need to see a Book or read 'Book' and I am there! I have read this one and loved it. 'The Kite Runner' by Khaled Hosseini is even better and coincidentally, the author's third book released sometime back.

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